Let’s Talk Sweat! Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month

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Wondering what it’s like to live with excessive, uncontrollable sweating? Maybe not, if you’re a regular follower of my blog. But, if this is your first time here, a big sweaty welcome to you! Maybe your son or daughter sent you here, or you have a family member or friend who recently confided in you about living with hyperhidrosis. No matter how you got here, there’s always a lot to learn.

Hyperhidrosis (Hh) is a rarely-talked-about medical condition of extreme, uncontrollable sweating, and it impacts 4.8% of the global population.*

I’ve teamed up with the International Hyperhidrosis Society this November for Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month. They are on a mission to get this condition out in the open and are sharing important information for November’s #HhAwarenessMonth. Visit SweatHelp.org to lean-in. #KnowSweat2020

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*Source: International Hyperhidrosis Society

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