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Your Best Foot Forward: Shoes for Sweaty Feet

Have I mentioned my Official Summer Bad Mood has started? I dread the summer months more than most people. After all, why wouldn't I? Hot temperatures for those who have hyperhidrosis can make our excessive sweating condition even more unbearable. Case in point:...

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I Have Hyperhidrosis. Now I Have Cancer, Too.

I Have Hyperhidrosis. Now I Have Cancer, Too.

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What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. It affects five percent of the global population – that’s 365 million people!

Many people with this condition don’t realize they have it, or that it even has a recognized medical name. Why? Because there is a lot of shame and embarrassment involved. Patients don’t speak up or think it’s a serious enough problem to even mention; therefore, hyperhidrosis is under-diagnosed and under-treated.

Primary focal hyperhidrosis

The excessive sweating is not caused by any underlying condition or medication.

Secondary generalized hyperhidrosis

The excessive sweating is caused by an underlying medical condition or is a side effect of a medication.

Areas of the body affected by hyperhidrosis

Palmar hyperhidrosis = sweaty hands

Plantar hyperhidrosis = sweaty feet

Axillary hyperhidrosis = sweaty underarms

Craniofacial hyperhidrosis = sweaty head and/or face

People may also experience sweat everywhere on their body.

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I’m a storyteller, patient leader, and hyperhidrosis trailblazer.  I’ve lived with hyperhidrosis nearly all of my life and offer a unique perspective on a condition that can be mentally, socially, emotionally, and professionally debilitating.

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“Maria sheds light on a health issue that so many people have even though it is not well-known. Intelligent posts backed with factual data, written in a way that is articulate and a joy to read.” 


“As a young sufferer of hyperhidrosis I have found it difficult to explain to others, or even find others who can truly understand my suffering. Maria’s blog has provided me, and undoubtedly many others, with positivity and hope that one day this condition will be more widely recognized, and more successfully treated. Thank you, from one of many.” 


“Extremely well written and edited blog. Content is fresh and provides quality information. Creative while addressing an increasingly difficult health challenge no one likes to talk about! Love the name! Authentic and real!”