The #SocialHealthAwards celebrate patient leaders who positively impact the lives of patients and caregivers. I’m honored to announce that I have been nominated this year for Advocacy Trailblazer and Lifetime Achievement Award!

I’d be so grateful if you considered voting for me.

Here are two of the generous nominations I’ve received.

Advocacy Trailblazer

Maria was the first person who started to talk about hyperhidrosis from a person level that I found and learned so much from her. That she continues to be involved as an advocate still today shows her dedication and care to fight for an illness that not many talk about and not much available on the treatment front.

Lifetime Achievement Award

I was first introduced to advocacy through Maria. She was the first person out there talking about hyperhidrosis. I was shocked to see how many other people she had connected with and who had shared their stories. It gave me the courage to do the same. I’m forever grateful that she has been able to create a safe space for our community.

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