Hyperhidrosis & Mental Health with Psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Luiz

by Nov 15, 2020Hyperhidrosis, Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month0 comments

Is your hyperhidrosis causing you to have anxiety, negative thoughts, or depression? Dr. Claudia Luiz, a psychoanalyst in New York, helps us unpack the mental aspect of living with an excessive sweating condition and what we can do to help ourselves cope.

Scroll down for my video on hyperhidrosis and mental health.

I so appreciate Claudia’s take on the world. She helps me to upend the way I think about things. Here are just a few of the quotes that stood out to me from our interview.

Any time your body betrays you, naturally you’re going to be in a struggle with yourself. 

What is worse than being mad at your own body?

In this video Claudia and I discuss:

  • Practical tips for those who have anxiety and depression as a result of hyperhidrosis
  • How to move through the shame you might feel about your sweaty body
  • Advice for parents and caregivers who are navigating pediatric hyperhidrosis in children
  • My own journey and how I turned my sweaty mess into my message

Note: Fast forward to approximately 00:01:06 – that’s when the conversation starts. Sorry – I’m not a video editor!

For more information on Dr. Claudia Luiz, visit claudialuiz.com

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