Missed the Hyperhidrosis Conference? Watch my session here.

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If you missed the Hyperhidrosis Conference last weekend, you can still watch my session below. I moderated session 2 and spoke with Courtney, a fellow hyperhidrosis patient and advocate from London, Ontario.

Watch Session 2: Hyperhidrosis and Mental Health

Maria @MyLifeAsAPuddle & Courtney @SweatyGirlClub

In our session we talked about:

  • growing up with hyperhidrosis
  • bullying, shame, and stigma surrounding hyperhidrosis
  • mental health and hyperhidrosis
  • best types of clothing to hide sweat
  • treatments for hyperhidrosis, including Carpe, which you can purchase here
  • and more!

This post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase a product through my link, I get credit for it. Your purchase helps me pay for the costs associated with running my hyperhidrosis blog, which I pay for out of my own pocket. Thank you for your support!

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