You Can Help Create a World Where COVID Can’t Win

by Apr 26, 2020Clinical Trials0 comments

As the world continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, I am proud to share Clara Health, an organization that I serve as a Breakthrough Crew Ambassador for, has launched the World Without COVID registry. This registry is a free public health initiative designed to connect patients and volunteers to over 400 clinical trials racing to find vaccines, testing, and treatments for COVID-19.

Clinical studies need your participation whether you’ve been infected and recovered from COVID-19, or have never been exposed at all. I am encouraging you to take some time to visit the World Without COVID registry and learn how you can join this privacy-protected, public health initiative.

You can feel confident the Clara Health team will support you every step of the way.

To date, Clara has led over 10,000 patients through more than 60,000 clinical trials for every imaginable health condition. Their platform is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Any one of us could be key to discovering COVID-19 vaccines and targeted treatments. Your participation is crucial to helping save lives and getting our communities healthy again.

Together, we can end this pandemic.

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