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Greetings, sweaty peeps.  If you haven’t tried The Thompson Tee for excessive underarm sweating, now is the time to do so.  The company is running a limited introductory offer of 10 percent off (until October 14) on their new black tees, available for both men and women.  These are the same construction and quality as the white tees, just now available in black per customer requests.  The neat thing about the black tees is that you can wear them as “outerwear”, like a regular T-shirt and not only as an undershirt.


Billy Thompson, president of The Thompson Tee, told me, “One of the biggest differences from the white (aside from color) is that there is very little (if any) contrast between the shirt’s protective area and the rest of the shirt.  We’ve had customers wanting to wear our shirts as ‘outerwear’ and now they can!”


Here are some pictures of the new black Thompson Tee.  Please visit The Thompson Tee website today and order yours at 10 percent off.  Remember, you only have until October 14 for the discount!


Thompson Tee in Black for Men & Women

Thompson Tee in Black for Men & Women (image used with permission)


Women's Black Thompson Tee

Women’s Black Thompson Tee (image used with permission)



Thompson Tee for Women with Hydroshield Technology

Thompson Tee for Women with Hydroshield Technology (image used with permission)


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