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Summer Shoes for Sweaty Feet

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If you have hyperhidrosis and it affects your feet, finding shoes that are sweat-safe can be a challenge particularly in the summer. You want to be able to wear sandals, flip flops and open-toed shoes like normal dry people wear, but it’s hard finding shoes that make you feel safe. When I say safe, I’m talking about more than one meaning.

Dangers of Sweaty Feet

When it comes to shoes, the slip and slide factor is a legitimate concern. Sweaty feet inside shoes that are not absorbent or have a smooth footbed with little to no texture could lead to your feet literally slipping right out of your shoes. Picture this scenario happening on a flight of stairs or when crossing a busy intersection. Ankle twists and bone breaking are not cool. But if you have hyperhidrosis, the not-cool factor gets bumped up a notch because it leads to emergency room/doctor visits, bandages and/or casting, and potentially navigating life with crutches for awhile. These are all triggers for hyperhidrosis, which would then require additional modifications in an attempt to achieve dryness.

Hiding the Sweat

The other safety I’m referring to is the kind that will keep my hyperhidrosis as hidden as possible, safe enough where I don’t have to think about it too much. There are certain types of fabric and styles of clothing and shoes that I simply will not wear because they’re not “safe.” For example: silk is not sweat-friendly and shows sweat marks very easily. I used to wear Keds white canvas shoes as a kid. The seams turned yellow on those shoes after the glue came loose from my sweaty feet and seeped into the surrounding fabric. I’m afraid to buy white canvas shoes to this day because of that.

Some Shoes to Try

So, when I find shoes that work with my sweaty feet, I get really excited. I feel more confident, more normal and like I’m making progress in navigating a drier life. Here are the shoes I bought this summer that work really well with my hyperhidrosis-ridden feet. The only ones that show any sweat marks are the Skechers, but you can only see the sweat marks when I take them off. I haven’t worn the blue fabric wedges yet; I’m hoping the fabric doesn’t stretch after it gets wet. I did have to poke another hole in each strap to get them to fit tighter around my heel.



Read my other posts about more sweat-friendly shoes and other sweat-friendly products.

Do you have any favorite shoes for your sweaty feet? Leave a comment below and share the sweaty love!



  1. crocheted Toms and Toms in general! Regular Toms are great for wearing on beach trips where I’m not at my familiar beach and I might have to be walking around after the beach. With the crocheted Toms I can wear little pedi socks and you can’t tell.

  2. Thanks for all these suggestions! I usually just wear ballet flats in the summer with little no-show sock liners, but I’ll have to try a pair of Aerosoles. Also, for shoes like white keds (I have a similar brand in gray) I take to my local shoe repair shop and have them dip the shoes in their waterproofing solution. Meant for rain, but works for sweat too! It keeps the fabric from showing sweat stains.

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for those aerosoles summer plush..where did you find them . Thanks

    • Hi Carol,

      If you click on the link in the picture, it will take you directly to the Aerosoles website where you can order online. Thanks for reading!

      • Thanks..they were no longer there..I even called their customer service and they told me to look for outlets or discount stores with last years mdse. did u get them on the website?

      • Thanks..they r no longer on the site. Apparently discontinued. They told me to look at discount stores and outlets. No luck

  4. In summer I wear straw thong shoes almost all the time. I used to buy 6 pairs of them at summer sale in H&M but I didn’t make stocks for summer 2015. All of 6 pairs for summer 2014 spoiled after first walk.
    I think I will try Toms next year. It looks like I could wear socks with them. Do you know jarmilki shoes? They are similiar to Toms but I don’t think they are sold in US.

    Another thought: the ‘no-socks-with-sandals’ movement really piss me off. Cotton/bamboo socks are great in absorbing sweat. I don’t wear them with sandals because is ‘hard fashion crime’.

    Do you use sweat blockers/aluminium antiperspirants? They work pretty well for my palms, scalp, armpits and feet.

  5. The only way pretty shoes get better is if they’re also practical. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I’m so happy I came across your blog as I was looking for “yoga socks sweaty feet” My go to for summertime sweaty feet is SummerSoles. I have been using them for years now. They are inserts for your shoes. They are made out of wool I believe. I was skeptical as to if they would work or be scratchy against me sweaty feet but, they actually work. Now I can wear any kind of sandal or heel I want without sliding all over my Now if I could find sweat friendly flip flops..haha

  7. Wow, i cant believe it took me this long to find this blog. This post helped me specifically as im always sweating from my feet, ESPECIALLY during the summer months.

    I have been clinically diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, but i refuse to resort to medications and permanent solutions in order to treat my sweating issue.

    I think a ton of it does boil down to how you live your life. Just like in this blog post, if you make changes, you can seriously help yourself.

    Thank you again for making this post! This will definitely help me during the next few months!

  8. So they have no support at all, and have to be careful of rocks and glass, etc. but true leather ballet shoes are truly wonderful summer shoes! Like these:

  9. I have been suffering from hyperhidrosis all my life. I have tried iontophoresis, but it works some days and maybe delays the break of sweat. Once the dam breaks, there is no stopping it. I only wear ballet shoes, or sandals that have a toe stopper thingy that goes between your big toes. Otherwise I would slide out of my shoes. But my ballet shoes keep my feet hotter than I like and is literally a puddle. Then there is the foot odour. What do you do for the odour. I buy cheap shoes all the time because I literally ruin them after the first wear.

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