Help Hyperhidrosis Make a Splash in the Social Health Network Awards

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The #SocialHealthAwards are celebrating the Patient Leaders who are making a positive impact in the lives of patients and caregivers. I’m honored to announce that I have been nominated this year! I’d be so grateful if you considered nominating me or adding your nomination reason to my Social Health Network profile.

Thank you to my community for this honor.

Please visit my Patient Leader profile to learn more about my advocacy and consider adding your own nomination if I’ve ever helped you or someone you know feel better about the skin you’re in. I would be humbled to receive a nomination from you.

Why You Should Care

These award nominations aren’t for me — they’re for you.

Since my first advocacy nomination in 2016, I’ve been slinging drops of sweat on your behalf to get hyperhidrosis recognized in the Social Health Network (formerly known as WEGO Health) Awards. That’s six years of excessive perspiration for a purpose.

Now it’s your turn to help our sweaty community get recognized, create more awareness, and keep the conversation flowing despite the shame and embarrassment that can come along with it.

How You Can Help

Nominate me for any category you think is fitting. You also can endorse me for all of the current nominations listed on my profile. It only takes a few seconds of your time.

  • Advocacy Trailblazer
  • Caregiving Champion
  • Community Cultivator
  • Healthcare Collaborator
  • Social Media Master
Nominate & endorse me for the Social Health Awards!

My Cancer Update

When I’m not flinging sweat droplets all over the place, I hope to give you an update soon about my cancer diagnosis and treatment. It’s been a rough recovery process for me these last few weeks.

Recovering after thyroid cancer surgery. This nasty bruise is not normal and is caused by a hematoma (when blood moves outside of the blood vessels).

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