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I am always on the lookout for shoes that are sweat friendly. The selection of shoes for those with plantar hyperhidrosis is slim at best, especially when it comes to dress shoes. Those seem to be the worst with regard to the “slip and slide” factor. I’ve talked about Summer Soles before, and they really come in handy for those occasions where one must wear dress shoes.


Yesterday I was in a ski and golf store browsing around when I came across these Salomon Light Amphib 3W shoes:

Salomon Mesh Shoes for sweaty feet

Salomon shoes made with mesh = sweat-friendly footwear!


Yes, I made an impulse purchase, but it was entirely justified! And, they were on sale for Memorial Day! It’s very rare that I can find shoes that are sweat friendly and don’t look totally dorky. These Salomons have an attractive color scheme, are very comfortable, and they keep my feet dry. I went on a hike this morning, and when I got back to my car and changed from my hiking boots and socks back into these and a fresh pair of socks, it was insane how fast my feet cooled off. I seriously thought about going back to the store and buying a second pair for when these wear out.


I wore these Salomons to the driving range this afternoon, too. One of the things that I worry about with regard to picking up the game of golf is how badly my feet will sweat, which will make my hands sweat, which will make me worry about losing my grip on my golf club, which will make me worry about what outfit I’m wearing, and is it okay to wipe my hands on my pants or shorts, and will it leave a mark, and how dirty are my hands from gripping the golf club extra tight? You get the point. These shoes kept my feet pretty darn dry! Of course, my feet were still a little damp inside my socks, but it was significantly less because of the mesh design of these shoes. I highly recommend them.


After I wore myself out attempting to hit some golf balls (I actually got a few good drives in for not having done it since last summer), I went back to the same ski and golf shop where I got these shoes. I was looking for an astro turf pad to set up in my backyard with a practice net. You know, so I can look like a complete tool as I miss the ball in the privacy of my own backyard versus at the driving range where people can see and laugh out loud at me. Some of us have a reputation to uphold, okay?


The Memorial Day sale was still underway, and what do I see on the shelf? These Nike Air Summer Light III golf shoes:

Nike Mesh Golf Shoes

Nike Women's Mesh Golf Shoes


Nike Women's Mesh Golf Shoes Product Description

Nike Women's Mesh Golf Shoes Product Description


Now, I am certainly not a professional golfer by any standard. I haven’t even played an actual round of golf yet! I just screw around on the putting greens and driving range. But I will get there. With the purchase of these Nike mesh golf shoes, I can walk the greens with a bit more confidence because my feet will be so much cooler.  I need to stay away from the ski and golf store. I’ve developed a pattern in the last two days of purchasing shoes. This could be dangerous. But, I figure I can get away with it this time since both pairs of mesh shoes were on sale, and, I had to throw away my favorite pair of flip flops after returning from a vacation. I love coming home with souvenirs from vacations, but this time I came home with a lovely rash on the tops of my feet. After wearing my flip flops for most of the trip, I didn’t trust that I could properly disinfect them. Into the trash they went. 🙁


Stay tuned for my vacation story.

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