Screw You, Hyperhidrosis

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hyperhidrosis is a dripping faucet

I’m taking an online writing course, and today’s assignment was to write a “screw you” letter about all the self-limiting beliefs (SLBs) I’ve ever told myself. Then, I was to turn around those SLBs and reclaim my power. Want proof the Universe is conspiring with you for success? Part of today’s curriculum included a quote from Tony Robbins. Coincidence that I recorded a video last week about limiting beliefs and quoted Tony Robbins? I think not. That being said, I felt compelled to share what I wrote here today.

Screw You, Hyperhidrosis

Screw you, hyperhidrosis, for making me think I can’t do certain things because of my sweat.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis, for making me think I’m a freak.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis, for happening in the worst possible moments and not letting me escape from my inner sweaty voice.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis, for making me shrink back from touching people, whether it’s holding hands with someone, cradling someone’s baby, or shaking someone’s hand even though I promise I’m really excited to meet you and am not lacking confidence in myself.

Screw you, sweat, for creating in me a reason to be meek in the first place.

Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs

Remember: We all get what we tolerate. So stop tolerating excuses within yourself, limiting beliefs of the past, or half-assed or fearful states. ~ Tony Robbins

Screw you, hyperhidrosis. I have – and will continue – to do one thing every day that I think I can’t and then watch in victory as I overcome my self-limiting beliefs.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis. My imperfection actually makes me special. Who else can say they can make their own raindrops?

Screw you, hyperhidrosis. My strong, brave heart has propelled me to become a voice for those who feel like they have none, and I am humbled by the Universe’s call to do so.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis. Now I’m able to love myself through each and every moment and stay present with myself no matter what my body does.

Screw you, hyperhidrosis. I never thought my sweaty little story would matter to anyone. But guess what? It does. My sweaty mess is now my message.

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