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My Botox Adventure

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Spring 2011 042

The injection locations are marked on my hand.

Spring 2011 045

The completed markings on my left hand, all 86 of them.

Spring 2011 046

My right hand. The nurse used a vibrator right before the doctor injected, while at the same time using ice and pressure. The vibrator tricks the brain into sending a nerve impulse in response to the vibration, rather than the needle pain. It has to be timed perfectly to work properly.

Spring 2011 051

My right hand is done. The fingertips and the side of my hand that rests on a piece of paper when I write hurt the most. I’m so proud of myself for conquering a fear!

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  1. My Life as a Puddle –

    Congratulations on conquering your own fears! That’s a feat to carry with you for the rest of your life.

    Am I correct in assuming that these photos represent the same conference of April 30, 2011?

    Also, how have/did your hands fare after the operation? (Topic for next post…?)

    • Hi BG! Yes, these photos are from April. I got about 3 weeks of solid dryness, with some rather strange feeling numbness and tingling (especially in my pinkies) leading up to the full effects. I’ll post more details about the after effects soon. Thanks for reading!

  2. I’ll be darn so it did work for you!!

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