iKey Stylus for Touch-Screen Phones

by Dec 19, 2012Hyperhidrosis1 comment

Remember when I got an iPhone for Valentine’s Day and was totally freaked out that it wouldn’t work with my sweaty hands? Well, it works pretty well for me, and I am used to it now. But the other day one of my friends pulled out a stylus for her iPhone. I had no idea they made these for smart phones. I’ve seen a palm pilot with one before but never realized they had transitioned over to smart phones, too.


I decided that I must have one, but wasn’t quite sure where to look. I was in Francesca’s Collections doing some Christmas shopping and found this iKey Stylus for $8.00. Of course I bought it! As well as a few other items for myself without getting any Christmas shopping done whatsoever.


This nifty little gadget plugs into the audio jack of your phone for safe and convenient keeping. Just pull it out to use it. I find it works great when I’m outside with gloves on (which, incidently, is another issue in and of itself) or when my hands are too sweaty and the screen starts selecting letters one or two letters away from the letter I want to type. This stylus prevents me from leaving sweat droplets on my screen that then dry and make the screen less smooth and more textured.


So, if you haven’t yet committed to enjoying the technology of a touch-screen phone, here’s one more tool you can add to your arsenal to make it easier. Just because your hands sweat doesn’t mean you can’t use things that dry people use.


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