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I can already make my own raindrops, which is definitely NOT a superpower I’ve asked for. But if I could pick a superpower, it would have to be the healing factor. This is the ability to heal others quickly from any injury. I would use it for much more than physical healing, though. Think of the impact this could have! No more physical ailments, mental illness, emotional baggage, self loathing, low self-esteem, eating disorders, drug abuse, physical and mental pain, etc. I would heal everyone so that they could realize deeply how precious they are. If everyone were healed, we’d have a peaceful world. Sure, this is lofty and idealist, but this is a creative writing prompt, so let’s get creative.


Of course, I’d also use the healing factor to heal myself. Oh, what a life I could have if I were eternally dry. I could wear any type of clothing and shoes I want without regard to their absorption factor. I could have leather seats in my car and not need a steering wheel cover. I could carry things without having to position them awkwardly in my hands and arms to prevent them from slipping out of my grip. I could go to church and not absolutely dreadthe greeting part of the service. Heck, I could even be a greeter at the door and welcome every single person with a handshake. I could speak in public and not have it be a sweat fest. I could take notes at work and not sweat all over the paper which smears the ink, carry blue file folders like a normal person without having to worry about getting Smurfed, and not sweat all over my keyboard and mouse.  I could heal the racing thoughts in my mind that occur every time I am sweating.


I could finally, in every aspect of my life, say yes without first having to think about how I would accommodate my excessive sweating. Nothing could hold me back.

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