Hyperhidrosis Time Capsule

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If I were to make a time capsule about my life with hyperhidrosis that wouldn’t be opened until 2112, I would include a series of items.


My video would be a personal documentary about who I am and what it’s like to live with excessive sweating. I would chronicle a day in my life and detail the things that trigger me to sweat. Just the idea of recording myself-or having a camera crew around to do it for me-makes me sweat. I would charge ahead with it anyway for the greater good of enlightening other people about what it’s like to literally feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I’ve talked about how my sweaty day begins with getting ready before.


I would also use this video to explain that despite my physical problem of sweating, there has to be something good that will come out of it. We all face adversity. How we respond to it is a choice. I choose to have hope. Hope for a cure, hope that I can make a difference in the world by sharing my story, hope that others will no longer feel alone. Remember when I wrote about my favorite poet, Maya Angelou? She said, “We are more alike than unalike, my friends.” So, whether you have hyperhidrosis like me and travel through life as a puddle, you’re someone who has felt ashamed of who you are, you don’t like your body (or maybe you even loathe it), or you don’t yet know that you matter, that you are enough exactly as you are, you are no longer alone.


Also included in this time capsule would be paper copies of all of my blog posts as well as all of my reader comments that you have so kindly taken the time to leave on my blog. The beauty of paper–and the irony of how much I love real paper considering how awesome I am at ruining it with my palmar hyperhidrosis–is that it is everlasting. There’s no computer or software compatibility or latest version to download. It’s just there, unadulterated, true to form. I love hand writing cards to people, especially when they help me with my hyperhidrosis. Read about my post-Botox gratitude.


Since we’re talking about this time capsule being opened in 2112, I won’t be there physically to demonstrate my raindrop superpower.  These photos would be of my sweaty hands and feet and how I have an uncanny ability to ruin clothing and physically leave behind ringlets of salt from my excessive sweating. These photos would also explain my Botox adventure. I’d also love to include photos from my fellow sweaters as a physical representation of the power of community. We are designed for relationships and interactions.  C.S. Lewis said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” This is so true. Although I’ve never met most of you who read my blog, I feel like we already know each other through the commonality of our hyperhidrosis. Rock on!


The following songs are just a snippet of how I’ve been able to reconcile my life as an excessive sweater.

Free Me by Joss Stone

This Is Your Life by Switchfoot

Strength Courage & Wisdom by India.Arie


Finally, I would cover my time capsule in some kind of fabric, probably jeans, as they seem to be the most sweat-friendly and absorbent fabric in my life. For those with palmar hyperhidrosis, fabric and texture is important. We have enough trouble keeping a firm grip on things, so I’d make my time capsule something that I myself would be able to hold without having to worry about it slipping from my hands.


If you’re new to my blog, I’m very excited that you’ve found me! Thank you for reading. To catch you up to speed, here’s a crash course on what I’m doing:
What is hyperhidrosis?
About my blog
To My Readers

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