Got hyperhidrosis? How’s your self-talk?

by Nov 13, 2019Hyperhidrosis0 comments

Today is #WorldKindnessDay. While it’s important to be kind to others, how kind are you to yourself?

Do you talk down to yourself because of your hyperhidrosis? 💦 Does your sweaty inner monologue sound like a freight train 🚂 of negativity?

Rocking a cardigan Mr. Rogers style for World Kindness Day #cardiganday

If the things you say to yourself aren’t how you would talk to your friends, make the choice to change your story.

A chapter of hyperhidrosis is your diagnosis and how you navigate life to cope with it. But friends, it doesn’t have to be the whole book! 📖 You are more than your health condition. How about you act like it? 💙

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