What You Should Know About Hyperhidrosis — Number 10

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💧💧 In SELF Magazine, I discuss ten things I wish people would understand about those who have hyperhidrosis. Here’s number ten:

We are SO MUCH MORE than our condition.

People with hyperhidrosis are SO MUCH MORE than their condition.

People with hyperhidrosis are SO MUCH MORE than their condition. Read more!

If you take one thing away from my hyperhidrosis top 10 list, let it be #10.

Our wet handshake does not mean we are shy, timid, or nervous. Just like “normal” people who have dry hands, this is our normal. Don’t let our sweat become your first impression.

We’re already busy trying to get the little voice in our head to shut up. We constantly hear it tell us that we don’t feel worthy of touch or affection, that we’re not good enough, less than, pariahs because of our bodies. We have to actively work against this voice all the time. So be kind, open-minded, and remember that hyperhidrosis is a condition that we have, not who we are.

Read more in my article with SELF Magazine and comment below. How are YOU feeling today because of – or maybe despite having – hyperhidrosis? 💧💧

(Image Credit: Cristi Goia)

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