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We tell stories in order to feel at home in the universe.” – Roger Bingham

One of the most rewarding aspects of the advocacy work I do for hyperhidrosis is meeting people in person who have been personally touched by the sweaty work I’ve been called to do in the world.

Last week, I met “E” who shared her story anonymously on my blog. Read her story: Hyperhidrosis in Massachusetts 

You’ll notice she agreed to show her face in this picture, which is a huge step forward. She preferred to be anonymous for her guest post, which you’ll see if you haven’t already read her story. 💦

Maria standing with Anonymous in Massachusetts

I met up in person with “Anonymous in Massachusetts” after she bravely shared her hyperhidrosis story on mylifeasapuddlecom.

I sipped a maple spice latte (because I love #AllThingsFall) and E had ice cream. We swapped sweaty stories for a couple of hours in the Boston breeze. We sat outside because air flow helps us better control our hyperhidrosis.

We are a lot alike, and I am grateful to have met her. We’ll even be exchanging Christmas cards this year, as we both love pens, stationery, and letter writing!

You see, once we share our sweaty stories, our voice and confidence in ourselves grows stronger. We realize we are not alone, that our stories are also others’ stories. And when we have the courage to share our truth, we attract those who are like us. This is our sweaty tribe, our home in the universe through our shared stories. 🎤

Do you have a sweaty story?

I’ve opened my blog to the larger hyperhidrosis community. If you’d like to be featured, please fill out the form on my Contact Me page. In the subject line, enter Guest Post. Not a writer? No worries! I can edit your story, send you questions to answer to create one, or you can record a video.

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