On Maternity Leave!

by Oct 24, 2021Hyperhidrosis, Pregnancy0 comments

On maternity leave! Posts and comments may be delayed while I’m busy loving on the tiny human my husband and I created. But don’t worry – I’ve got plenty of sweaty pregnancy stories and hyperhidrosis life hacks to share.
And, I’ll tell you all about my son’s birth story, which involved going to the hospital not once but twice, one of which I came back home without my baby. Plus, I’ll explain how I had to advocate for myself in a new way while under medical care. 😳 The whole hospital experience was basically a 💩 show, but we’re all home now and healthy.
Do you have questions about hyperhidrosis and pregnancy? Ask me in the comments below or fill out the Contact Me form on my blog. Your question could be featured in an upcoming post once I’m back.

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