For Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, Use Your Voice

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Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month with My Life as a Puddle

To My Dearest Sweaty Friends,

November marks the arrival of the second annual Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month. For the entire month of November, I want you to use your sweaty voice.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I can’t do that.” And believe me, I get it. See, I used to be that way, too. I hated my excessively sweaty body (and sometimes I still do), and I avoided so many things in life.

But the courage to use my voice came after I was seen and heard by people and an organization who understood what it’s like to have hyperhidrosis (Hh) – the International Hyperhidrosis Society. They took the time to listen. They shook my hand even though it was dripping wet. They presented me with treatment options, information packets, FAQs to ask my dermatologist, insurance and prior authorization help, and more.

When I left the IHhS’s hyperhidrosis symposium that day almost eight years ago, my life was changed. I found my voice that day. Now, I’m asking you to find yours.

Courage is like a muscle. Each time you practice it, it gets stronger.

I never thought I’d be blogging about sweat, filming antiperspirant commercials with Carpe to air on national television, or speaking to members of the FDA and pharma at the first-ever Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting for Hyperhidrosis. But each of these moments strengthened my courage muscle and allowed me to use my sweaty voice.

Here are some ideas for using your voice

  • Tell your parents you have hyperhidrosis if they don’t already know
  • Tell a friend
  • Talk to your school nurse
  • See a dermatologist (search here for a dermatologist who treats Hh)
  • Casually share a link to my blog
  • Share one of my Facebook or Instagram posts to help you start a conversation that is awkward to have
  • Retweet one of my tweets about hyperhidrosis

I am here and willing to be your voice when you think you can’t speak up. But little by little, your own voice will get stronger.

Our voices together can – and will – do so much more. Imagine the day when our sweaty song is so loud it forces people to stop in their tracks to listen to what we have to say.

Because those with hyperhidrosis? What we have to say matters. Our feelings matter. Our silent suffering matters.

Stop living small. You only get one trip around the sun. Make it count.

You may have hyperhidrosis, but it doesn’t have to have you.

Feel your hyperhidrosis feelings, let them out, and use your voice to create change. I promise once you speak up, things do get better.

It’s time. Be a vital voice this November. The world needs it.

Your friend in sweat,


P.S. I’d love to hear about what you do this month to use your hyperhidrosis voice. Drop me a comment below and do tell!

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