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Hyperhidrosis at the Doctor’s Office

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I almost didn’t post this because it’s so embarrassing.

This is what the exam table at my dermatologist’s office looked like when I stood up after my appointment.

sweat marks from hyperhidrosis on exam table at doctor's office

This is what the exam table at my dermatologist’s office looked like when I stood up after my appointment.

How many people avoid getting the health care they need because hyperhidrosis – a health condition in and of itself – is a barrier to care?

I went to the dermatologist to get a bump on the inside of my leg treated. The doctor had to inject it with steroids to reduce the inflammation. This is the third round of injections I’ve had, and they hurt like a mother. So not only was I dealing with the usual trigger of being in an exam room, sitting on the paper that disintegrates underneath me, I also had to endure needles and anticipate pain.

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The room they normally put me in that has a giant fan in the corner was occupied, and I had planned on turning it on as soon as I walked in. When my dermatologist came in, she remembered how much the fan helps me control my sweating. So she went and found a handheld one instead. Bless her heart!

Hyperhidrosis Life Hacks For Going to the Doctor

Ask for an extra paper gown 

Ask for a fan

If you’re at the dermatologist’s office specifically, they most likely will have one since they use them when spotlights are placed on the area being treated (like removing skin tags or growths) since patients can get hot from the lights blazing during those procedures.

a handheld fan helps you cope with hyperhidrosis

A fan might help you control symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

Locate the paper gowns

Pay attention to which cabinet or drawer the nurse gets the paper gown from. If you’re too embarrassed to ask for an extra one, just grab one when they leave the room while you change into your gown.

Ask for a surgical pad 

You can sit on top of the pad instead of the flimsy paper. They are much thicker and more absorbent than the paper gown and are usually used during procedures where blood or other fluids might need to be soaked up.

Once your appointment is over, you can be the one to tear off the paper from the roll on the table and shove it into the trash along with the flimsy paper gown. Then, it’s easier to hide the puddle you just made before anyone sees it.

Most important tip

Love yourself and your body so that you go through with seeking health care when you need it, regardless of how bad your hyperhidrosis acts up.

Your body is your temple. If you don’t respect it, how do you expect anyone else to do so?

I hate going to the doctor! But if I don’t take care of myself, it makes it harder to be an advocate for not only myself but the 365 million other people who have hyperhidrosis.

So, let this be a lesson that you can survive your hyperhidrosis. It might suck in the moment (or for 30 minutes in the doctor’s office), but the benefits will outweigh the risk of being outed for your sweaty secret.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this difficult experience. I want to add some heart emojis. I hope you are shame-free about your sweating now. I’m getting there.

    • Thanks Barbara. I’m pretty good about being shame-free most of the time. I find it’s hardest, though, when I see other people notice the sweat marks I leave behind and whose faces aren’t good at hiding it.

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