Hyperhidrosis and The Sketchbook Project 2012: Digitized

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My sketchbook has now been digitized, so anyone in the world can view it and learn about my life as a puddle! Please note, it might take a while for the images to load.

Go to my profile and then click on the artwork tab. I’ve noticed it’s faster to scroll one by one to view each page rather than clicking view the entire sketchbook. An added bonus? You get to see what my handwriting looks like.

A special thank you to my husband for offering to pay for the cost of this project so that I can further spread my message about hyperhidrosis awareness and activism. 🙂 All of the deadlines for this project came during my layoff, so it means a lot that we were able to still splurge on something that means a lot to me.

I also posted the dates and cities for when the sketchbooks go on tour. If you live in or will be near one of these cities, I’d love for you to see my sketchbook in person. Hold it in your sweaty hands and take a picture with it. Post it on my Facebook page, Tweet it to me, or email it to me. My email address is listed on the last page of the sketchbook.

Happy sweaty viewing!

The cover of my sketchbook


Copyright © 2012 My Life as a Puddle


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