Hyperhidrosis and Summer

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Summer time and the living is easy. Sure, except for those who have hyperhidrosis whose excessive sweating is a special talent. I loathe hot weather. It makes my life miserable and my sweating 100 times worse than it normally is. Today is the second day it’s reached 100 degrees where I live. Sick. I’m afraid to even wonder what the rest of this summer will be like if it’s already blazing in June.


I already threw away one pair of flip flops after I returned from my trip to Ithaca, NY, since I came home with a rash on my feet. I pretty much soaked another pair this past weekend. Here’s a picture of that:

My sweaty foot after a phone call.

My sweaty foot after a phone call.

This happened after a simple phone call I was having in the car. I had called my cousin to get directions to her house after my husband and I were at a mountain bike race. Why do phone calls in the car always make me sweat? It’s ridiculous.


I’ll be going to the beach later this summer. I’m excited, but also worrying about exactly what I should wear as far as clothing and shoes go. I don’t really have any good flip flops for the beach, so when I saw this pair at Sears, I scooped them up. They were on sale for $6, and they have some traction built into the soles. I know I will sweat regardless of the type of flip flops I wear, but these will be much easier to rinse the sand off of.

Textured flip flops from Sears

Textured flip flops


What do you hate the most about summer? Do you have certain triggers that make your hyperhidrosis worse? How do you cope with it?

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