Can hyperhidrosis transmit the Coronavirus?

by Mar 15, 2020Hyperhidrosis1 comment

The only good thing I can think of when it comes to the Coronavirus is that people with sweaty hands (palmar hyperhidrosis) finally have an excuse for not shaking hands. I am completely on board with this, as shaking hands when yours are soaking wet is an absolute nightmare.

I’ve heard many people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) are wondering whether droplets of sweat can make them susceptible to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets from your nose and mouth. Here’s what the WHO says:

“Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Why? When someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus. If you are too close, you can breathe in the droplets, including the COVID-19 virus if the person coughing has the disease.”

In my opinion, there is no need to panic and think that because you have hyperhidrosis or are around someone who does that it increases the likelihood of disease transmission. If anything, those who have excessive sweating probably wash their hands and bathe more often.

Certain people are at greater risk if they become infected with the coronavirus, such as the elderly and those with underlying chronic medical conditions, suppressed immune systems, and/or autoimmune conditions.

I am considered a high-risk patient. I have ulcerative colitis (UC), an inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune condition.

Should we take the Coronavirus seriously? Yes.

Is this a scary time for me and the rest of the world? Yes.

But fear is a choice. The God I serve did not equip me with a spirit of fear. He equipped me with love and a mind for sound thinking.

Use common sense and follow the WHO guidelines for the public  as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and your state and local agencies when it comes to protective measures against the coronavirus.

And above all, be kind to one another during this difficult time. We’re in this together.

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