A Vacuum for Sweaty Hands

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You might be getting old if the idea of purchasing a new vacuum excites you. You might have hyperhidrosis if a new vacuum excites you because it improves your quality of life. Sweaty friends, meet my new vacuum.



I like this vacuum for a variety of reasons, but the one that stands out for me as someone who has sweaty hands is the handle. See that fabulous loop design that’s not just a solid piece that you have to wrap your hand around? This section of the vacuum is brilliant! I’ve had to wrap washcloths around my vacuum handle before and secure them with rubber bands. This doesn’t always work because the washcloth still ends up sliding right off.


I’ve also cut my hands before trying to remove the hose to use with the tools for the stairs. My hands slipped off the hose, and it took a couple weeks for the scraped-off skin on my fingers to heal. Which, of course, also stung when they healed since the salt in my sweat irritated the wounds.


This vacuum is sweat friendly because:
– the handle, the handle, the handle!
– it’s lightweight and easy to push and pull
– less effort is expended to move the vacuum, resulting in less hand and overall sweating
– the canister empties from the bottom, resulting in less dirt sticking to your hands since you barely have to touch the canister to open it
– you can shift the force of the air to “tools only”, which makes vacuuming the stairs with the hose faster so your hands are on the hose a shorter amount of time


Plus, it’s a sporty yellow, since vacuuming with hyperhidrosis is a sport in and of itself.


The Eureka AirSpeed Gold AS1001A – hyperhidrosis tested, My Life as a Puddle approved. This vacuum really sucks.

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