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Hyperhidrosis Fears

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hyperhidrosis fears my life as a puddle

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When it comes to your hyperhidrosis, what are your fears about being excessively sweaty? There are many things those of us who have this condition worry about. While I may not be “afraid” of some of these things per se, they do make me think twice about how I might be able to prepare in advance. Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

  • Walking barefoot on someone else’s wood or tile floors and leaving sweaty footprints behind
  • Shaking hands when meeting or greeting someone and then watching in shame as they wipe off their hand afterward
  • Networking events and having to shake multiple hands multiple times
  • Holding a baby and getting him or her wet
  • Crossing the street with a child and losing my grip on such a little hand
  • Being able to safely lift and move furniture
  • Carrying a stack of handouts around the office and then passing them out
  • Applying lotion or sunscreen and not being able to wash my hands immediately afterward
  • Going through airport security

I can think of a million others, but I want to hear from YOU. What are your hyperhidrosis fears? What does your sweating make you worry about? Leave me a comment below!


  1. Absolutely everything you said I can relate to… and I thought I was the only person worried about getting someone’s baby soaking wet and handing them back!.. glad I’m not alone on that one! I thought I could also add… slipping out of your flip flops while walking in public….definitely has happend and not to mention that moment when some one says “join hands with the person beside you”… that’s always a fun!

  2. Hi,

    Below are some points.

    . Feel uncomfortable at work when sweating for 8-10 hours.
    . Irritation most of the times.
    . Less energetic than normal and tiredness.
    . Brain drain due to over thinking about the sweating.

  3. All of the above, and waiting in line to fill out forms and having to make electronic fingerprints and explain why I can’t dry my hands off. I was once almost barred from taking the MCAT because I couldn’t produce a fingerprint. As you might imagine, when I finally started testing, I was a wreck and sobbed at my computer. Holding hands with a guy when first getting together because I don’t know how they will react to my dripping hands. I spend way too much time figuring out coping mechanisms and safe outfits and shoes. Work is hard. I work in a lab and do fewer experiments now, but still frequently have to wear nitrile gloves and sometimes have sweat dripping down my arms while doing work.

    • Hi Liz. Thank you for sharing. I have experienced all of this myself. See these posts: Fingerprinting, paperwork, dating, clothing, shoes, and work.

    • Hey Liz, the exact same thing happened to me before I wrote my MCAT too!! I just told them I had really sweaty hands and they ended up having me rub some sort of corn oil on my fingers because it ‘apparently’ helped. It didn’t. They said this had never happened to them and they ended up just letting me go ahead without doing fingerprints – but they had to call someone up because they couldn’t bypass the system!!
      You are not alone!!

      • And what happens with background checks, passports, etc.? Or what about airport security? I got my hands swiped once with a pad of some sort and I thought they were going to pull me into a room and ask what I had all over my hands! Ugh.

        • Everything about going through airport security makes my sweating worse. I actually got Global Entry/TSA pre-check to help avoid the worst of the lines. The interview was tough because I had to do electronic fingerprints again and of course they weren’t working because of my sweat, so I had to explain hyperhidrosis to the customs agent and he had to call somebody, and then they just put in my file that I couldn’t do prints. I’ve gone through pre-check now a few times and that’s helpful because you don’t have to do as much going through security and the line tends to be way shorter. I have yet to go through customs with Global Entry, but hopefully it’ll help a lot and go smoothly.

      • Melissa, I’m so sorry that happened to you too!

  4. Everything about summer! Sweating through my clothes (leaving sweaty marks where I sat), blisters no matter what shoes I wore, getting overheated because people want to save money on A.C. or because everyone wants to hang out outside. ๐Ÿ˜Š Some people have seasonal depression in the winter, I have it in the summer because I’m so uncomfortable!

  5. I experienced all of what you mentioned! Along with:
    – writing exams and soaking the paper so you can’t actually write on the paper anymore
    – really sweaty feet that make ‘farting’ noises
    -picking up dirt and colour (from jeans and papers) easily
    – having to tell people that you are not actually nervous just always sweaty
    – having to wear certain clothes to mask sweat
    – hating oral presentations because of the sweating
    – having a job where you have to touch people all the time (ie. nursing)
    The list can go on!
    I am glad I found this site though!

  6. Hi – I have experienced and can relate to everything you mentioned.
    – Trying to do Art/Craft projects with your kid and you just soak all the craft paper. Use adhesive tape, and you just can’t get them to stick.
    – Going to a group yoga or fitness class. Using weights in the gym.
    – Making pizza dough with your hands.
    – Try to apply butter or jelly to bread.
    – Getting into the bath tub with sweaty feet, and having to hold onto the wall or sides, so you don’t slip and break your back.

    My list can go on and on. Thank you for publishing this blog and raising awareness on hyperhidrosis.

    • Hi Vaasu. Thanks for reading. Yes, I’ve had some slippery close calls with tubs and floors myself. Once it happened on some ice when I had shoes on, and the act of almost falling was enough to trigger my HH so then my hands started sweating!

  7. I relate to so much of this. I’m originally from the Midwest, but currently in SoCal, and the weather is awful for me. I’m tired of strangers asking me if I’m enjoying the weather here. I can’t wear sandals because I soak them and then physically can’t walk safely. I’ve never been comfortable in shorts, skirts, or dresses because there’s not enough fabric to absorb sweat, so it runs down my legs. It’s too hot for long pants, cotton socks, and absorbant shoes with this weather. It’s neverending heat and sunshine and I feel like I’m literally melting away.

    • Tiffany! I feel your pain, really. I’m not sure if you’re dealing with groin sweating, or all over body sweating, but if it’s running down your legs you could try wearing men’s boxer briefs underneath skirts and dresses. Have you tried Summer Soles insoles for your shoes? That’s how I’m able to wear sandals and flats, along with those socks that are cut to fit flats and still expose the top part of your foot to let some air circulate. Try practicing with some flats, the insoles, and those socks when you’re at home. And then, venture outside for a short walk and see what happens. Keep testing your comfort zone, friend!

  8. Thanks for posting this type of content, I’m glad I found this site! I found a solution for my excessive sweating under my arms and it has been a life changer, I can’t even tell you how amazing it has been.

    I haven’t found one for my hands and have tried everything! I love your transparency and this type of blogs help a ton! If you find anything that works for you on the hands and feet other than ionto or painful botox keep us posted!

  9. Im so glad to find you! My life has truly been a puddle as well. I did not know there were so many others with this! I have suffered from hyperhidrosis on feet, underarms and hands since I was a child. I would leave footprints on the cement and soak my socks when I first learning to was walk. I couldn’t wear sandals like the other girls in grade school, shaking hands was mortifying, towels under my hands to write papers, and my “sweat towels” in the car when driving to wipe of my steering wheel. Everything revolved around my sweat. I was in a wedding once and brides made dresses were purple. I had to get a stack of paper towels out of bathroom and pad my underarms. After the birth of my second child, (soaking my kids clothes & they wouldn’t hold my hand), I found out about a doctor who did the thoracic surgery for hands & underarms. Feet were not an option. It sounded like a dream come true. They did not talk about compensatory sweating. I had the surgery & it worked. My hands & underarms were sweat free. But 6 months later I got compensatory sweating in stomach/groin/legs/back. Its horrible. From my chest up, I don’t sweat at all. Just everywhere else. Please DO NOT do this surgery if it is ever recommended. I regret it everyday. My close friend is a doctor and did try botox injections in my feet (54 shots), but it did nothing. I’m going to see if maybe Carpe lotion would work on my feet. ..desperate!

  10. I just found your blog, I thought I was the only one going through this. Everything you said I can relate too. Through my teenage years and into my 20s my underarm sweating was the worst. Certain Dri roll on deodorant was life changing, it cured my underarm sweating completely. I no longer sweat even during intense exercise or heat, I stopped sweating since 2008. I reapply it maybe 1-2 times every other week now as a precaution. However my palms and feet sweating is at its worst. This is how I found your blog, I was looking for flip flop recommendations. I’m going to try out that Carpe lotion you mentioned๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ

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