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Carpe Lotion for Sweaty Hands and Feet

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(Disclosures: I received this product at no charge from Carpe Lotion. I am now an affiliate partner (their very first!) as of 2018. If you order the product through the links contained herein, I receive credit for the sale. All opinions expressed remain my own.)

Watch my testimonial I shot with Carpe in the summer of 2018 below.

I’ve tried nearly everything to treat my hyperhidrosis. So when I came across a new product called Carpe Lotion for sweaty hands and feet, I was excited to try it. At only $14.95 a tube with a love it or it’s free guarantee, I figured why not?

Carpe Lotion tube


The lotion is made with eucalyptus oil, which dries the surface layer of your skin as you apply it. The active ingredient, aluminum sesquichlorohydate, soaks into your sweat glands to calm them down. When I tried the lotion for the first time, I was skeptical about whether it would actually work. I’ve been told by a dermatologist that I have the worst case of hyperhidrosis he’s ever seen. Once my little package arrived in the mail, I tore into it and was ready to find some dryness.


The makers of Carpe Lotion suggest you apply it about 10 minutes before you think you’ll need it. I was at work the first time I used it, and my sweating is usually the worst first thing in the morning. I washed my hands and applied a pea-sized amount just like the directions suggested. As I rubbed my palms together vigorously, they started to smell fresh and clean from the eucalyptus oil. I waved my hands back and forth to help dry them off, as applying lotion to my palms is a trigger for me and makes me want to sweat more. Once my palms were dry, they had a slight coating on them, but it wasn’t anything too strange.


About an hour later, I noticed my palms looked dry and cracked, even though they actually weren’t. In fact, my hands were so dry I almost WANTED to put lotion on them, which is abnormal for most people with hyperhidrosis.

hands after Carpe Lotion application

My hands after applying Carpe Lotion.

The lotion lasted through several hand washings, and it continued to provide me with dryness the whole day. I’ve also experimented with applying it at night before bed, just like the International Hyperhidrosis Society recommends for underarm antiperspirants. Why? Because your body temperature drops overnight, and the active ingredient can be better absorbed into the skin to form the “plugs” that block the sweat ducts.

I also experimented with applying the lotion while in public. I’m sitting at a coffee shop blogging right now, so I whipped out the Carpe Lotion tube from my purse and, gasp! applied lotion to my palms without the aid of a towel or sink nearby. This, of course, made my hands sweat as I was rubbing them together. It took me a little bit longer to get my hands dry again, but now they’re just fine, and I can feel the layer of product on my skin. I am dry typing this as you read. Yay!

I plan to try this on my feet next, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Conclusion? Carpe Lotion works, and it’s affordable. Mad props to co-founder Kasper for discussing the product with me and inventing something that, I’ll be damned, actually works. You rock!

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Carpe Lotion for hyperhidrosis

Try Carpe lotion for hyperhidrosis!


  1. Did it help?

  2. Rachael Mattull

    February 17, 2017 at 0:00

    Do you think this lotion would help with getting fingerprinting done? Thank you for this blog by the way! It’s super helpful! I’m trying to get fingerprinting done for a job and am stressing…which doesn’t help with the sweaty hands!

  3. Did you ever try it on your feet? Curious about how this works long term.

    • Hi Tiffany. No, I have not tried this on my feet.

      • Are you still using it? If it worked so great on your hands, I’m curious why didn’t you try it on your feet yet? I’m wanting to try the lotion since I’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked yet. Thank you πŸ™‚

        • Hi Robyn. Yes, I still use Carpe occasionally on my hands. I haven’t tried it on my feet yet, probably because it’s not very user friendly to apply lotion to my feet in the morning when I am already limited on time to get ready. And, the idea of applying lotion to my feet is making them sweat right now, so I’d have to really take my time, prepare my environment, wash my feet, sit in front of a fan as I apply it, wait for them to dry, etc. Not to say it’s not worth it, but it definitely takes some planning!

      • You said you would be trying it in your feet in 2016 and reporting on your results. Do you have feedback on that experience?

        • Hi Yvette. I don’t typically use Carpe on my feet, but the few times I have it’s worked fairly well. I prefer to use it on just my hands, as I really have to plan out the application on my feet. Applying it to my feet is a trigger for my sweat, so I have to have a towel and apply it while sitting in front of a fan to minimize it sweating off. So as long as I plan ahead and make sure I have enough time to do it, it is fairly effective.

  4. Hello. I have been suffering with severe hyperhidrosis for as long as i can remember. I recently came across the product called Carpe, and some research led me to your post. I was wondering, after long term use, does Carpe stop sweating all day long after one application, or is it to be used every few hours throughout the day?

  5. Thank you for this blog! As I’m typing right now my hands and feet are sweaty and cold. I’ve had hyperhidrosis ever since childhood T^T. I’m still in highschool so whenever there’s a test my hand would just start sweating severely! Right now your blog wanted me to buy this product but I’m afraid to ask my parents because they might think it’s worthless and a waste of money. But, I feel like I really need to try this. Anyways, when you applied this in your hand and after it dried does your hands felt weird or just normal?

    • Hi Anna. My hands and feet have a slight coating to them after applying the lotion, but it’s not too bad. The longer I’ve had it on throughout the day, the less of a coating I feel, and my hands feel drier as it soaks in. I would talk to your parents about it. Carpe has a like-it-or-its-free guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong! It’s a small price to pay for a treatment that might help you versus other more costly treatments that involve visits to doctor offices, insurance co-pays, and prescription or surgical costs. I’d say give it a go and tell me what you think after you’ve tried it.

    • I called Carpe and spoke with a representative who sent me a link to try samples for 99cents!

    • something new on Hyperhidrosis is Worth trying, you don’t know it may work great for you. worth a shoot, I hope it’s a success for you

  6. I am suffering from extreme palmar-plantar hyperhidrosis. I drip so badly on both my palms and foot. I am seriously thinking of buying an iontophoresis machine. But before this, I want to give this carpe lotion a try once.

    Do you have a similar condition to mine? What do you think? Thanks

    • Hi. Yes, I’ve found that Carpe Lotion does help me manage my sweaty hands. I have an iontophoresis machine, too but have not had time to use it regularly yet.

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