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Hyperhidrosis and Summer

Summer time and the living is easy. Sure, except for those who have hyperhidrosis whose excessive sweating is a special talent. I loathe hot weather. It makes my life miserable and my sweating 100 times worse than it normally is. Today is the second day it’s reached 100 degrees where I live. Sick. I’m afraid to even wonder what the rest of this summer will be like if it’s already blazing in June.


I already threw away one pair of flip flops after I returned from my trip to Ithaca, NY, since I came home with a rash on my feet. I pretty much soaked another pair this past weekend. Here’s a picture of that:

My sweaty foot after a phone call.

My sweaty foot after a phone call.

This happened after a simple phone call I was having in the car. I had called my cousin to get directions to her house after my husband and I were at a mountain bike race. Why do phone calls in the car always make me sweat? It’s ridiculous.


I’ll be going to the beach later this summer. I’m excited, but also worrying about exactly what I should wear as far as clothing and shoes go. I don’t really have any good flip flops for the beach, so when I saw this pair at Sears, I scooped them up. They were on sale for $6, and they have some traction built into the soles. I know I will sweat regardless of the type of flip flops I wear, but these will be much easier to rinse the sand off of.

Textured flip flops from Sears

Textured flip flops


What do you hate the most about summer? Do you have certain triggers that make your hyperhidrosis worse? How do you cope with it?

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  1. David J Michael

    June 20, 2012 at 0:00

    Even though I don’t hate summer, it does take planning. First, I only wear shorts and tee or polo shirts. I avoid darker colors if I’m going to be outside for any length of time, because I’ll be soaking wet within minutes. I often carry a small towel for my face and head as I sweat so heavily it drips. Any stress or exertion will produce immediate sweating, and sometimes I can be relaxing in airconditioned comfort, and I’ll still start sweating for no apparent reason.

    Again, thank you for your blog, until I found it, I felt as though I was alone in this…

    • Just a quick note… has a fabulous pair of black sandals that are made by croft and barrow.. Leather with soft bed soles they are great for us sweaters 🙂

  2. WOW, My feet (and hands) sweat just like this ! Thought I was the only one who experiences this type of sweat. As i type on my keyboard my fingertips are the only parts of my hand that touches the computer otherwishe my hands leave puddles on my laptop. found your blog in search of recommendations for shoes/sandal inserts as i will be going to a convention in 2 weeks where I will be shaking many hands and dressed in fancy wear and dress shoes – i’m having anxiety just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing your experiences. OH to answer your questions about “triggers”. i sweat all the time summer, winters, it doesnt matter and the only thing that helps is wearing a clean pair of dry socks (100% cotton & snug fitting). Thanks for sharing your story and experiences. 🙂

    • Hi Monica! Good luck at your convention. You can read my blog post titled “Sweat-Friendly Products and Techniques” for more product recommendations. I really like the Summer Soles inserts for shoes. I wore a new pair of wedge sandals with fabric straps and the wool version worked really well during the 100-degree weather I was in. But don’t get me started on the free mall shuttle rife and how hot it was inside the bus. I had to stand and hold a strap and watch in horror as the sweat dripped down my arm, past my watch band on its way to my elbow. Super. 🙁

    • This is the same for me. I was diagnosed plantar hyperhidrosis at the age of 3. Ive struggled with it my whole life (I am now 38). Like you mentioned, just thinking about it makes me hands and feet sweat. I have to completely plan my wardrobe, what I am doing, everything around my “sweat issue”. Ive tried everything from meds, to weird treatments, to topical treatments, etc…I do not want to do the surgery, but some days I seriously think about it. I wear 100% dry cotton socks 24/7. Especially to sleep…Have never found ONE pair of sandals or flip flops that I can wear…so I am going to invent my own. I will let you know when I am done!
      Best of luck to everyone. None of us are alone.

      • You sound just like me. Diagnosed with all hands/feet & later armpits as a toddler. It was terrible. So after my first 2 children, I did the surgery. Don’t do it! My hands & underarms are sweat free (they couldn’t do my feet) but the rest of me sweats profusely. Literally water running down my legs, rings around shirts, leave sweat marks in chairs, and it made my foot sweating so much worse. As Im typing this, my feet have soaked thru a pair of socks. No-one really discussed compensatory sweating with me, and it happens in 80% of cases. I wish I could go back, but not reversible. I can’t stand it. And yes, my goal is to design a line of shoes made especially for us!

  3. Wow, I think I found my sweat twin! I found your blog through the IHHS facebook page. I had to read this entry because I was amazed that you can even wear flip flops. If I wear them the puddle I create will make me slip and fall! I always have to have leather soled sandals, or I use summer soles, although I have had no luck getting them to stick well to flip flops (but for me flip flops just show my sweaty toes too much anyways). I live in Arizona which is probably one of the worst places for someone with HH to live. Hello 5 months of 100 degree temps. I also related to your botox post, before I got married I also got 100+ injections in my hands. It was so nice, while it lasted. My insurance paid for half of the botox, and since there was still some left after the first treatment, would you believe that I actually did it again? But that was about 6 years ago and since then I have just lived with it. Is there any product that you have found worked well on your hands or feet? And when you stop it in one place does it make sweating worse in others?

    • Hi Heather! I have not found a product yet that works on my hands or feet. I’ve heard from a few people about Hydrosal, which I do want to try. When I had my Botox, I ended up getting compensatory sweating after awhile on my back, which ended up I think being worse than my original sweating. For the flip flops, I have not used the Summer Soles. I did buy a new pair recently that I want to try them on, though. I usually don’t spend more than $30 on flip flops, as I know I can usually only get one summer’s use out of them.

      • Glad to hear you mention the compensation sweat. I didn’t realize that was an issue for botox. I’ve been thinking about it for my arm pits. Specifically my best friend is getting married next year and I’m already panicking.

    • Hi Heather. I really like Carpe Lotion for my hands. I haven’t tried it on my feet yet. If you use the code PUDDLE10, you can get 10% off your purchase through their site. Thanks for reading!

  4. It’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone in this!! I have Palmer and plantar hyperhidosis and it sucks… I have definitely gotten more comfortable with it since being an adult (because I don’t really care what people think any more…) it’s hard to find summer shoes that we won’t slip and slide in and equally difficult to find heels for work.

  5. I’ve never been able to wear any flip flops, even the ones with grip, I just fall over from how slippy it gets from all the sweat!

    Does anyone else also find their fingers swell up massively with hyperhydrosis in the heat? It’s like having sausages for fingers! I can’t even bend my fingers fully because my fingers are so swollen. Cant hold a pen etc. Such a pain and I’ve never found anything that helps with it.

    • My feet and fingers both swell in summer heat! I haven’t found anything to help either. Totally thought I was alone in that. 🙂

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