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Reflections on Botox

The effects of Botox can typically last 7-9 months, but I’ve heard it takes longer to build up to that amount of relief (ie, one must have multiple treatments for it to last that long). After my first Botox treatment in April, the effects lasted a short 3 weeks. But let me tell you, it was the best 3 weeks of my life. It was like I forgot I had ever suffered from HH! My confidence was through the roof, and I felt so much less inhibited and held back because of my condition.

But then my sweating started coming back, and I also noticed that while my hands were dry, it was like my body was made to sweat, so it was just going to sweat elsewhere instead. So now my back sweats way worse than it ever did, and I am super self-conscious about my clothing and stuff when I can feel it happening. The Botox has completely worn off now and my body has basically given me the “eff you” gesture. I thought it would be the answer to my prayers, and it was, even if it was only for that short time. I can’t help thinking that maybe my Botox experience was just God’s way of giving me a glimpse of what heaven will be like for me when I get there. I imagine my heaven to be about 65 degrees all the time, with a gentle breeze always encircling me for comfort. Hopefully this doesn’t sound morbid, as I am certainly not contemplating the length of my mortal existence or anything like that. LOL.

Maybe I am supposed to be going through this here on earth so that I can start to become a voice for people who suffer from this or any other condition who feel like pariahs and like they’ll never fit in. Perhaps this is what musical artist Laura Story calls a blessing in disguise. I can’t help but think that my HH, in combination with me being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), allows me to be more compassionate and empathetic with people from all walks of life. I feel like sometimes I’m on a different wavelength and can pick up on the intricacies of people and their moods and feelings, and because I’ve felt like a freak in my own body for most of my life, I am better able to interact with the world in a more loving way. I’m kind of a contemplative person who likes to ruminate on things like this.

While I’m glad I did the Botox, I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again, not just because of the cost but because of the other areas where it caused me to sweat. I am not willing to hope I can get my insurance to cover it and then end up with a bill for more than $1000! However, I know that some insurance companies will cover it, so practice due diligence if you are considering Botox and have health insurance. For more information about insurance coverage, visit the “insurance tools” page on the International Hyperhidrosis Society’s website, To be a patient volunteer was a great opportunity for me to be exposed to treatment, but it was a catalyst for so many other things for which I am even more grateful! It pushed me the extra step I needed to actually start blogging about my HH, and now I’m volunteering for the IHHS in my local area area and will be contributing to one of their upcoming newsletters, too.

Once I accepted myself for who I truly am, and felt the acceptance from the IHHS and the doctors and nurses who treated me, my soul just opened up. I can share my story with the world now. While the Botox didn’t work for very long in my own body, I certainly want others to try it for themselves since everyone’s body is different and may respond differently. There is hope for treating and finding a cure for hyperhidrosis. Don’t get discouraged if a treatment doesn’t work for you.

My dermatologist called me back the other day to tell me that my biopsy was benign (read the post here if you missed my dermatologist experience) and that after doing some research on the Catapres (clonidine is the generic name) tablets, he called in a Rx for me. I still have to pick it up and try it out, but I’m glad he took the time to do the research. The Catapres is similar to the active ingredient in the Transderm Scop (scopolamine) patches I had used , so hopefully I will get some good results.

My apologies for not blogging this last week. While I would like to be blogging every other day or so, sometimes I just am not able to do so. But life is full of enough could’ve’s, should’ve’s, and would’ve’s, so I am not going to feel bad for not always blogging on a regular basis. However, if you have bookmarked my site and checked back for new posts, thank you for taking the time to do so. I value you as a reader of my blog.


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  1. Hi there Maria,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog simply because I suffer the same problems. I have hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet. I have had it for as long as I or any of my family members can remember. My older brother grew out of this condition where mine has gradually gotten worse. I used to carry around a towel everywhere I went to dry my hands it was so bad. Never could wear sandals, heels or any cute shoe that required bare feet. I’ve always been very conscious of my clothes and my surroundings. Well, to make this a shorter story, I recently got engaged and we are planning a wedding for next October (cooler weather so my hands and feet will not be so bad). I also just became an aunt again and have been unable to hold my nephew because I drench his clothing when I touch him. I decided that it was time I did my research and got this problem fixed. I found a hyperhidrosis blog and people were discussing meds that were helping, lessening the sweating up to 70 and 80%!! I had also read about botox but (especially after seeing your photos) decided it wasn’t for me. I finally went and spoke with my doctor and she gave me a RX for the meds I requested. I have been on Ditropan (generic name Oxybutynin) for almost 3 weeks now. I have never been this dry. I take half a tablet (2.5mg) 3 times a day and I am almost completely sweat free!!! This last weekend in 103 degree heat I actually wore flip flops out shopping and tried on some really cute shoes….I have NEVER done this in my life. 30 years of not being able to wear flip flops!!! FLIP FLOPS!!! I am in love with this drug! It does have some side effects, I have dry mouth a lot, my skin all over is dry and parched and I pee a bit more than usual…but my hands and feet are dry! It’s totally worth it. I’m predicting that over time my body will adjust to the dryness and I might have to adjust my meds accordingly but so far so good. I wish you luck with the new meds you are going to try…if they work as well as mine have you won’t be disappointed. Good luck and keep blogging!

    • Hi Jessica! Thanks for commenting. I actually had my mother-in-law sew a towel around the bottom of my bouquet for my wedding. It was the same color as my wedding flowers, and the towel was actually a surgical towel I saw in my gynecologist’s office, so he gave it to me to use. LOL! We were going to wait until fall to get married for the same reason but we didn’t want to wait that long, so we got married in May instead and the weather wasn’t too bad. I also clutched a handkerchief the whole time, and we used a fan from the church and pointed it straight toward the alter during the entire ceremony so that i could have air flow. Put your bridesmaids in charge of fan positioning. I can give you more sweat coping tips as well.

      That is awesome about the Ditropan working for you! I’ll have to try that if the Catapres doesn’t work. Please don’t be afraid to hold your nephew. He won’t know the difference; to him it will be normal that you sweat. I worry about holding other people’s kids, too, but my really close friends and family who have kids know I sweat and don’t really care. If nothing else, sit down when you hold him and position your hands so that they are palms down and can rest on a towel, and have a towel or burp cloth right there or underneath him as an absorbent layer.

      I have found some really great sweat-friendly flip flops that I’ll post about soon. Have you heard of Summer Soles? They are shoe inserts and they come in sueded fabric (like Birkenstocks) and ultra absorbent wool. Get those for your wedding shoes. I wore a pair of white ballet-type flats under my wedding dress and wore some socks specifically cut for flat shoes. I was too worried I’d get blisters or fall off of my dress shoes with the slip and slide factor we have to deal with.

      And honestly, don’t let the photos scare you. I watched VIDEOS of Botox injections prior to having mine done and freaked out, but even as a total wuss I was still able to go through with it. The overall pain for me was probably about a 6 on a scale of 1-10. It was definitely bearable.

      Take care and we’ll talk soon!

  2. Hi! Im Jillian, 28years old and both of your stories sound JUST like mine!! Its always a struggle every single day. I have severe sweating of my hands and my feet, and occasionally the dreaded groin area when i’m especially nervous.

    I’ve tried the drysol, the Rubinol, and Botox. The Botox did work, but only for a short 2-3 weeks, I have an appt to get injected again in hopes that it will last longer. The pain was about a 7/10 but its mind over matter, and its manageable. I have considered the Micro ETS surgery, but feel that the benefits do not outweigh the potential risks/side effects. Its terrifying to think of someone messing with your nerves!! I do want to look into those two Rx’s though, how is the Cataprese working for you?

    For my wedding my on a super humid sticky day last august my mother in law did the same thing, she sewed a towel into my bouquet which helped a TON and I also carried around a hanker-chief for wiping. It is awesome that we’ve found amazing men who could care less about our HH!!

    My biggest hurdle right now is getting through nursing school. At 28yrs old i decided to go back to school for my 2nd bachelors degree (1st degree is Psychology), Im finally following my passion which i never did before because i felt defeated by my sweaty hands…which honestly at times i still am defeated by them and question my success in the program. I want to eventually help those suffering from HH and get my doctorate in Nursing Practice to fund research on the disorders pathophysiology and psychological/physiological connections, and hopefully make a small contribution in finding a cure 🙂

    As a side note, do you find that when you are completely 120% relaxed and at home you don’t sweat at all? But the second you get slightly nervous, you start sweating immediately?

    Talk soon!!

  3. Thank you for making this condition more prominently known. Although (after reading your story and many posts) my condition is not nearly as severe as yours is, your story makes me grateful for the degree of Hyperhidrosis that I do experience.

    The degree of HH that you describe personally puts my own level of sweating into perspective and definitely makes me feel like I have MUCH less to complain about.

    Have you tried medication such as Robinol or even anti-anxiety medication as a treatment option? I understand the side effects of anything in pill form are quite scary but it will more than likely be covered by insurance.

    Also, unlike ETS, you can stop taking the medication if you want to have the effects reverted back. Just a thought.

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