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Hyperhidrosis in the News: Focus on Teens

“I think that not many people are educated about this disorder and that’s one of the reasons I’m so open to telling my friends.” Kudos to Dana Makstaller who is quoted  in the following article on The Mash.

Hyperhidrosis: Excessive Sweating Is the Pits


  1. Hi Maria T-M,
    Thank you for your article “Hyperhidrosis (Hh): Is it a disability?” on IHHS. I wouldn’t Hh qualify it as a disability but rather an annoyance. I’ve had Hh since I was a child and Hh has only restricted my job performance in certain ways. I was in the military and worked on fighter aircraft and Hh was an advantage to me since the oil and grease from working on the aircraft wouldn’t stick to my skin for very long. The Hh was an automatic rinse and my fellow airmen/airwomen were envious since their hands were always oily and greasy. After several years, I retrained to an office environment where paper and ink would smear but I decided to focus on the more technical side of the office environment and worked on the office computer network. Now I find myself working on computers where I have a small fan and clean my keyboard once or twice a month and this has become the norm. While Hh will always be an annoyance to me, I’m able to deal with it day it and day out.

    • Hi, Jose! Yes, annoyance is probably an understatement, but I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to adapt your work environments to suit you. I’m a huge fan of placing a paper towel underneath my hand as I write to avoid smearing and paper curling.

  2. I just realized my 4 year old daughter has HH. She’s always had very sweaty palms and feet, but now it’s affecting her ability to learn to write. She is frustrated by her inability to maintain a grip on a pen or pencil and the crumpled wet papers. I would like to communicate with you by email to get suggestions. She is extremely bright and verbal and would enjoy sharing in on the conversation. Thank you, Jenna’s Momma

    • Hi, Jenna’s Momma! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’d love to communicate via email. You can reach me at mylifeasapuddle[at] I’ll try to be in touch soon. What kinds of things have you tried as far as pen/pencils, paper, etc.?

    • My dtr. has Hh and has since I can remember too, a suggestion for the problem with gripping pencils is you need to buy her some “pencil grippers”, they are these rubber things that slide up the pencil, usually made of like foam, and they are sooo helpful, my dtr. would not have survived without them. Good luck!

  3. The avatar photo is not my daughter. It is a photo of a girl rendered homeless by foreclosure. I am very active in the anti-foreclosure & anti-eviction arena and have a blog related to those issues.

  4. It’s a condition. Having suffered with Hh for more than 50 years, I must admit that I’m fortunate to have met a man, my husband, who doesn’t react like the numerous kids did when I was a kid…my hands are the softest of anybody I know…that’s the plus side of it. And as a adult, I have no fear in sharing my condition with others. It’s not a disability, it’s a chronic condition. It doesn’t disable you if you don’t let it…just be honest with those around you.

  5. Maria you are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and making me smile. I suffer from Hyperhidrosis pretty much only on my face. It can be so embarrassing when you’re talking to somebody and sweat is actually dripping down your face, not a pretty feeling. Just waiting for winter, today was 94 degrees – darn it I think I have a while.

    • Thanks for reading, Jeanie! I was on vacation last week in Vegas and it was 95 degrees, and when we arrived there was a torrential downpour. The combination of humidity and then heat was enough to put me over the edge. I’m so glad fall is nearing!

  6. I have been suffering with excessive underarm sweating my whole life, I have seen a handful of doctors and tried everything I can think of. I recently started using a product called 1-2Dry and it has been working really great. It absorbs all the sweat in these little comfortable pads that go under my clothes- which ensures no one can see it and I don’t get any embarrassing stains! Hope this might help others with my same problem!

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