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Hyperhidrosis Feelings

These are some of the things I’ve felt with regard to my hyperhidrosis. Anyone else feel this way? Please leave a comment and discuss.

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  1. Shame – everytime someone makes a face after touching my hand; when they wipe their hand on their pants after shaking mine; after leaving a damp imprint on a document I’m notarizing; if I struggle putting on food service gloves when I serve food at the shelter; when I want to hold a hurting person’s hand at church but can’t because mine are so wet.

    • Hi Marci! Thank you for sharing. I hate the part in church when we have to shake hands to wish each other peace or good morning. I absolutely DREAD it. Maybe you could put your arm around the hurting person instead, that way your sweat would be on their shirt and be less noticeable.

  2. My HH started out in my late teens and one of the things I remember too was the handshake of peace at church. Such a dread when that time would come and it was supposed to be such a peaceful, sharing, blessed time at church. I always left church so sad:(( I was so frustrated and bewildered my whole life since HH until in my early 40’s when I found out what HH was. It is a medical condtion, not because one is always anxious or nervous. On the contrary I am a pretty calm person, but the HH starts a vicious cycle of nervousness, anxiousness when one is trying to hide the sweating from others. Another sad story of many was when i had started a new job and had pretty much soaked an office chair then a co worker who was training me sat down in it after me and noticed the wetness:((

    • Yes, Jackie. We are not sweating because we’re nervous. We’re nervous because we’re sweating. There is a difference!

      • Biffard Misqueegan

        October 26, 2012 at 0:00

        I really like that statment “We are not sweating because we’re nervous. We’re nervous because we’re sweating. There is a difference!” It is so true. I remember i was rejected from getting an apartment i really wanted because i was heavily sweating for no obvious reason during the viewing and the landlord ask me “why are you sweating so much?” I made something up about riding my bike to the apartment to which he responded “are your sure that’s what it is?”, implying i was sweating for some other more dubious reason.

  3. Hi- I really wanted to comment on this post-because I had a situation over the weekend where I think I felt ever emotion you mentioned. I was hosting a halloween party saturday and I was decorating for the party with my bf. Now most days I’ve come to terms with HH and the dirty little monster that it is, but every now and again it gets the better of me for a short bit. I was trying like mad to get these card board chandeliers assembled and it required a ton of manual dexterity which would not be a people for anyone with dry hands. Well the more I held the card board (which was fighting me and not doing what i needed it to) the more I sweatted. It was hot in my house also. I got so upset I kind of snapped. Threw the card board, busted out in tears and cried my eyes out. Cried because I was sweaty, because I was a freak, because I was weird, because I was frustrated, mad, sad and angry, cried because it was unfair and that I was different. I am not normally a crier but this one little thing set me over the edge. I even left the house and went for a teary drive with the AC on of course.. After awhile, I realized I was blessed- I calmed down and cooled down- I realized that I could do many things that people without any hands sweaty or otherwise could do, once I calmed down it all passed…sometimes I guess you just have to let it out 🙁

  4. Biffard Misqueegan

    October 26, 2012 at 0:00

    I’ve never had the issue with my hands that many HHer’s have – it’s primarily my head and torso. but there is a similar social greeting senario that happens to me fairly often – the pat/touch on the back as somebody greets you. It often causes the person to ask if i had just finished running or if it is raining outside. Unlike the handshake, it’s usually unavoidable and a suprise because it is something people do as they approach you from behind. so there is no avoiding it.

  5. Biffard Misqueegan

    October 26, 2012 at 0:00

    ive actually felt all the things in the mural at one point or another. discovering that hyperhidrosis is an actual condition and reading about it and other peoples experience with it has really helped me feel less of those things. im still sweating a feel like a freak, but much less of a freak than i felt a year or so ago (and for my entire life)

  6. I often feel frustration and embarrassment about having HH. For as long as I can remember my hands and feet have sweat excessively. I loathed holding or shaking hands with anyone. I was so relieved when I found out I had HH! I’m glad to finally have a “support group” of sorts in this blog.

  7. less confidence, misunderstood and adaptive are words that i think i can add.. I also have HH on both hands and feet. Turned down so many opportunities just because of HH. People would also often think that i have an avoidant personality because i tend to move away from them to prevent any embarassing contact from my sweaty hands
    But i guess it also pushed me to become adaptive and find solutions from the problems of HH. I’m a nurse (always handling patient) and also i pianist. but i am able to do it though i have sweaty hands and feet. Still, there are alot of situations that i could have done better if i didnt have sweaty hands…

    btw, i really grateful with all of your blogs. it’s very comforting to find another person whom i can relate with my sweaty experience that i go through everyday

  8. Yep I feel the same way every day… Especially when I am around people and do thing with people… Like at church we have shaking hands and if my hands are wet then when its shaking hands I get all nervous and even more sweaty cause I know someone will shake my hand and like I’ll see them walk away and wipe their hands on their skirt or pants and I just feel so awful. So I usually like try to avoid people and go into the bathroom and wash my hands so that they will be a tiny bit drier but it doesn’t like make them stop so I just like feel like a freak. I play piano and guitar also and when I am at piano lessons the piano is soaked and I have to wipe it off and then I feel like they think I’m gross, and I’m in a guitar group and we play at church and when we are up there (even if I’m not nervous) if the song is longer then like 2 minutes my hand that is holding the chord starts literally dripping non-stop and I cant exactly stop in the middle of the song and wipe it and I feel like everyone sees it even though they might not, but that makes me nervous even more and then they start dripping even more. :\ So I’m not very good around people… I’m not really shy except for then I think of my hands and I know they are going to drip and be all wet so then I turn red and get embarrassed and all shy. My feet are always wet too so I pretty much always wear socks and have to change them a lot even at home because I am always sweating. I never wear flip flops ( I had a not so pleasant experience with wearing them one time.) I either always wear flats or like converse and stuff and I can never wear opened toed shoes or anything. My under arms are ALWAYS sweating even if I’m cold so just feel like a freak all the time… I don’t wear t-shirts cause I will have ginormous sweat spots and its just so embarrassing. I don’t know why I wrote all that… sorry that its super long. I just found your blog today and read some of it… I’m kinda glad to know that people know how I feel and I’m not the only one, even though i feel like that a lot of times. Like in like 2nd-6th grade I always was called fish tank (which really isn’t cleaver but i guess that is all they could come up with) and like got made fun of… I don’t like people to see that I am hurt so I just like laughed along even though I was like they have no idea how it feels… and I have no idea how it feels to not have sweaty hands and feet and under arms, but they don’t make fun as much now (I’m in 9th grade)… I’m gonna follow your blog cause when I started reading I was like wow I totally relate.. so thanks! And sorry if ^ that’s long.

  9. yes, same feelings 🙂 Feeling weird, out of place, different, self-conscious, embarrassed, to the point of extreme discomfort when the hands get too sweaty and swell and it’s impossible to wipe them or hide it any longer. Plus if i’m nervous and sweat then I often sweat in other places too (feet, underarm, groins – :-S It’s just terrible and makes me stressed, miserable. But it really helps to know there are other people with the same condition who go through similar experience 🙂

  10. I was born with HH I believe, because I was aware of my sweaty hands since I was 4-5 years old. I disliked preschool games which required holding hands with other children, or dance class when we had to dance with a partner and hold hands. Then I started to always use and extra piece of paper to put under my hand as I was writing in order not to spoil notebooks. When I was a teenager I used to wonder whether I was the only one- freak like that on Earth. Since I learned about HH being a condition affecting many other people – it made a big difference to me. Thank you for this blog, for spreading awareness.

  11. embarrassment, low self esteem, humiliation, shame, regret..

    im sure we all have stories about how hyperhydrosis has totally interfered and embarrassed us..

    i mean how do you refuse shaking someones hand in a job interview or a professional setting without making yourself look like an unprofessional jerk?

    for those thinking of doing the nerve pinching operation.. think twice and do your research.. that surgery has ruined many lives and is banned in some countries because it causes a lot of problems afterwards both psychological, mind numbness/cloudiness, compulsory sweating and much more..

    i wonder how many of us can stop the HH if we try anti anxiety medications.. has anyone tried any SSRIs to see if it helped? because for me, this IS a psychological issue. As soon as i have the SMALLEST bit of anxiety or nervousness or even excitement, the nerves go nuts and the sweating begins..
    i had to quit my job because of it was so hard working with fine sharp tools, i was always stabbing myself from things slipping.. it was horrible.

  12. someone needs to create a real life Hyperhydrosis support group LOL so lame but it helps talking about it still..

    imagine if u are on top of a building for a party and u fall over and you are hanging on the ledge and you reach your hand out to a stranger who is trying to save you and pull you up and your hands are so damn sweaty from the HH and when you grab the persons hand they try to pull you up and you slip from the sweat. That would probably be like the ultimate HH slap in the face.. death by sweaty palms, and thats all you can think about while falling to your death..

  13. im more to the struggle, embarassmnt and lost confident in my life…

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