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As a hyperhidrosis sufferer, I’m always looking for great products to help manage my excessive sweating. One of my favorites is Carpe. They make a variety of products to help stop sweat – basically for every body part, which isn’t something you’ll find with a lot of other companies.

Worried About Aluminum in Your Antiperspirant? 3 Reasons Not to Sweat it

Rumors abound that aluminum in antiperspirants is bad for you. Here are three things you may not know about this ingredient that makes life a little drier.

1. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aluminum salt must be an ingredient in order for a product to be called an antiperspirant.

Otherwise, it’s just deodorant and only controls odor. The same requirement is true in most other countries. In short, if you want to stop sweat, look for an antiperspirant that contains aluminum salt, like Carpe.

2. There’s more aluminum in a handful of dirt than in antiperspirants.

Our bodies already absorb aluminum all the time. It’s everywhere – in our soil, in our water, and in our food.

As stated by the European Commission Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, an average person will absorb over 900 times more aluminum each day from eating food than from applying antiperspirant. Stretch those arms high and slather your pits, then.

3. Aluminum being a cause of breast cancer is a myth.

This rumor originated in an email and is considered misinformation. In their statement about antiperspirant safety, the American Cancer Society takes a guess as to why –

“This rumor has been posted [by people] that sell deodorants that are not antiperspirants, so some people might benefit financially from spread of this misinformation.”

We’re all just trying to do our best to take care of our bodies and what goes into them. When it comes to aluminum, this is one less thing to sweat about.

And with Carpe antiperspirant, the only heavy metal you’ll be worried about is what song to stream as you head bang the fact that you’re dry.

Try Carpe. Stop sweat.

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