What You Should Know About Hyperhidrosis — Number Four

by Feb 7, 2018Hyperhidrosis0 comments

In my article with SELF Magazine, I discuss ten things I wish people would understand about those who have hyperhidrosis. Here’s number four: We’re not sweating because we’re nervous. We’re nervous because we’re sweating. There’s a difference.

With hyperhidrosis, our sweating problem does not automatically mean we have an anxiety problem or are nervous. But having this condition can create anxiety and nervousness. Please head over to SELF to read more about the difference, as this is one of those sweat myths that is deeply misunderstood.

10 Things People With Hyperhidrosis Wish You Knew

Hyperhidrosis does not automatically mean we have an anxiety problem. Learn more!

(Image Credit: Cristi Goia)

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