Wedding Day Hyperhidrosis

This post was inspired by one of my readers who is getting married soon. She asked for advice and tips on how to cope with excessive sweating on such a big day. So, here you go. I did most of these myself, but also came up with a few new ones as I’ve thought about it over the years. These can apply to both females and males.


Point an electric fan toward the alter- who cares if people can see it? This was hands down my saving grace during photos and the ceremony. Appoint a bridesmaid (or a groomsman), ideally the one on the far end who would be closest to the fan, to make sure it’s properly angled toward you at all times.


Carry a handkerchief in your hand, and/or a backup one in your dress/tux if possible; if you fold it small enough, it’s hard to even see it in your hand. I had to hold one during my vows, but it was totally fine.


I took a Xanax about an hour before the ceremony to relax (if you’ve never taken this, experiment way beforehand so you know how your body will react); plus, you’ll need a doctor to prescribe it.


A shot or 2 doesn’t hurt, or maybe a small glass of wine, or a mimosa as you’re getting ready if you’re super nervous like I was. I wasn’t nervous to get married, I was nervous about being the center of attention, standing up in front of a church full of guests, and having it trigger my hyperhidrosis.  I don’t advocate being drunk on your wedding day, obviously, but a drink to help take the edge off would not be unwarranted in my opinion. But, if you don’t drink even for special occasions, then ignore this one (especially if you’re under the age of 21 on wedding day).


I wore white ballet-type flats with the socks that are specially cut for flats so you can’t see them.


If your hyperhidrosis affects your groin area, you can wear men’s boxer briefs under your dress. Not exactly sexy, but they help keep your thighs from rubbing together and the sweat from potentially dripping if it’s really bad. I also talk about how boxer briefs might work well underneath skirts, too.


I specifically planned my wedding date around the weather, and it was thankfully a nice day with a breeze and wasn’t overly hot.


Have your florist (if you have real flowers) wrap/weave/sew a washcloth or piece of fabric into the handle of your bouquet. My flowers were fake and my mother-in-law sewed a towel around the entire plastic handle for me. Funny part of the story- the surgical towels my gynecologist had in the office were the color of my wedding flowers, so he let me have one to help me cope with the sweat! Hey, whatever works, right?  If you read my post How You Can Help Someone With Hyperhidrosis, you’ll see a picture of my sweat-friendly bridesmaid bouquet from when I was in a friend’s wedding.

towel-wrapped wedding bouquet

My hyperhidrosis-friendly wedding bouquet


Summer Soles: I didn’t know about these when I got married 7 years ago, but I did use them in my heels for my bridesmaid dress. They have wool and suede versions. The wool is more absorbent and they stick right inside your shoes. Go to to find the coupon code for the Summer Soles website- I think it’s for BOGO free. My blog post about those, and other things, is here: Sweat-Friendly Products & Techniques


Make sure the limo or whatever car you’ll be in is properly cooled down prior to entering it. Same goes for the church, the reception site, etc. I’ve even offered to pay my friends for the extra electricity I generate when I make them crank the air conditioning.


Have a bag of ice or an ice cold water bottle nearby. Place it on your wrists and neck to help cool your body temperature.


Certain Dri liquid:  Again, with this one I’d start practicing now. The liquid makes me itch really bad, but I forced myself to do it for about 2 weeks leading up to my wedding. Use it at night on your armpits, and then by 2 weeks’ of use you should be used to it enough and have it built up that it will help with the underarm sweating. I have since switched to Certain Dri solid at night, and I can use that without any itching whatsoever. In the morning, I use Secret Clinical Strength, which is a great product.


Have a mini-bag or purse that you have at the reception with baby powder, extra handkerchiefs, deodorant, and any other personal items that help keep you dry. Bring an extra pair of socks if you go the ballet flat route.


Utilize your bridesmaids/groomsmen! If it’s hot out, ask them to wave a fan in front of your face. So, maybe buy some paper fans in advance? Not like you’re a queen/king and high maintenance, but if you need help on the most important day of your life, do not be afraid to ask for it! If they are your friends/family, they will step up to the plate.


And, most importantly, trust that you can get through this day. Yes, you may sweat, but God will help you get through it. You will feel so much love and excitement around that you may not think about sweating as much as you think you are going to. Leading up to it you will, but when you are in the moment it won’t matter as much. But be best friends with your handkerchief, and rock it out.


You could even talk about your HH at the reception if you want! Had I been like I am now when I got married, I may have given an impromptu speech to educate my guests and take the pressure off of myself. Once I talk about it, I find I don’t have to worry about it nearly as much.


If you’re getting married and have hyperhidrosis, you can do it! Do not let your excessive sweating get in the way of all the happiness, excitement, and social interaction that you so deserve.


  1. Hi great post. I have had good success for groin sweating with a product called cool wrapp. its wraps made with muselin (spelling) and they are washable, the more you wash Softer the get. Very absorent. You also get a black square like carrying case. 🙂 Steph

  2. Great article! I saw you post this on my weddingbee post (I’m Mrs Socks) and I think that it’s a great compilation of ideas to get you through the day. I love your sweat-friendly bouquet!! Gosh, I can’t even remember what I wrapped mine with anymore. If I might add one–I had my brother-in-law come along with us when we were taking photos and he was more than happy to carry a handtowel and my extra socks/shoes so I could change out of my heels when I needed to! The handtowel was absolutely essential. You are so, so right about just asking your family/friends to help that day–I couldn’t have done it without them.

    Also, my dress had pockets in it so I kept a little washcloth in my pockets.

    I love your site, it will be so very helpful to so many people.

  3. – Ive had surgery to correct/numb/ decrease (whatever you want to call it) my Hyperhidrosis, They gave me the option to have a full body or just selected to my upper body where the sweating occured (my under arms). I said just the upper. – Me not having any lower body issues i didnt feel the need to have needle shoved in my spine. I was find after surgery, its been about 12 years now. I now recently get damp,the equivalent of a normal person when hot, my lower back, and under my butt-cheeks sweats like no other. I also get very dehydrated and get dizzy spells when im over-heated being i cant really sweat from places that are not covered by clothing, i often carry a “chilly towel” with me, it its very annoying when going on vacation or dressing up nice on a hot day. Im also anemic so perfect temperature for me is between 72-76 degrees anything hotter or colder its usually a bad day. I am trying to find others who have had surgery to stop the over active sweating and see what they do to live with out dehydrating themselves for doctors are no help with this, besides the “just drink plenty of fluids” I hate that i have to tell everyone my story and “if i pass out its because…” I often feel bad for my friends because i know i hold them back on some events, because they then become concerned with my health and i cant do the thinks i love… If you have this condition, had surgery for this or know someone who has it you can message me, i would love to hear from someone else who is dealing with it.. Thanks for your time! ♥

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