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The Thompson Tee for Women

Have you heard of the fabulous product called the Thompson Tee? If not, I encourage you to do some research, or better yet, order a few.  I tested out the men’s version of the Thompson Tee last year. You can read about that in my post The Thompson Tee for Excessive Underarm Sweating.


After I tried the men’s version of the tee, I asked president Billy Thompson to make a women’s line. I love it when people do what I tell them. 🙂 Ladies, fear not. There is now a shirt designed specifically for your own axillary hyperhidrosis called the Women’s Hydro-Shield Scoop Neck.


I tested this product while at work. Unbeknownst to me, I picked an excellent day for this test run as I ended up having an extremely sweaty day, but in a good way. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute. I wore the Thompson Tee under a long-sleeved shirt. Initially when I put it on, it felt a bit strange because the fabric and stitching is a bit thicker than a normal shirt. Do not let this deter you from wearing one, as you get used to it pretty quickly.


Here is what I told Billy about the product.


Overall I really liked it and felt confident despite my underarm sweat. A few comments, though:


1. Sizing
The sizing seemed rather small. I ordered a large and felt like it fit too tightly. I know the underarms should be snug against me (although I think the arm openings could be a bit wider), and I felt like I had to pull on the shirt to stretch it out everywhere else. I’m not a huge person, but I certainly don’t look like your model with the flat stomach. I felt a tad self-conscious in the stomach area, so I wore a long-sleeved shirt over it that concealed this area more.


2. Fabric
I like the softness of the fabric and the feel against my skin. I wore a white bra underneath, and you could completely see the outline of the bra. I would suggest making the fabric more opaque and/or more thickly woven and less see-through.


3. Design
I like the cut of the shirt, and the neckline was really nice. It didn’t look like a cheap undershirt but one that I could wear underneath a blazer and still feel professional at the office.


4. Future Products
I’d love to see this shirt in additional colors like black, grey, and navy. Long-sleeved options would be great for colder weather, too.


I think I mentioned this before, but I’d like to see underwear, too. There are so many people with groin sweating who could benefit from this. Ideally, the design I’d like to see would be more than a women’s brief, like a midway point between men’s boxer briefs and women’s boyfriend briefs. Longer than a women’s boyfriend brief, but shorter than a full-on men’s boxer brief, yet also long enough that they wouldn’t roll up and need to be pulled down and away from the groin area.


I believe in the Thompson Tee 100%. If you are a larger woman with a rounder mid-section, for the time being I would suggest you order from the men’s line. The women’s line runs small, so order the next size up if you go with the women’s version. I fully anticipate the next round of the women’s line to address some of my concerns, as Billy Thompson is always innovating his products.


Tip: Thompson Tee discount code via the International Hyperhidrosis Society


As far as my picking an extremely sweaty day to test out the women’s Thompson Tee? It was my one-year anniversary at my new job the day I wore the shirt. (You can read about how I struggled with my hyperhidrosis at the office in my post Hyperhidrosis at Work.) That day, I was running newsletter metrics for the monthly newsletter I write. Upon running the report, I thought I was going mad. I don’t do numbers. In fact, I hate them. Ask me about writing and grammar instead if you ever meet me, okay?


Well, the numbers in my report showed record-breaking click-throughs for the infographic that was in the previous month’s newsletter. I had to have someone else rerun the report just to make sure that the reason I was sweating all of sudden was due to a legitimate result. Well, it was. There it was, plain as day, that what I and my graphic design team are doing is making a difference. So, I got to run into my boss’ office and do a little happy dance and explain these exciting numbers. And that’s probably the only time you’ll hear me say “exciting” and “numbers” in the same sentence ever again. It was a great anniversary present for me, and because I was nervous about running the report and having to speak to the metrics for the first time I was already sweaty. Combine that with the excitement over such good results and it was a sweaty day indeed. I’ll take that kind of sweat over the standard sweaty day any time!


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  1. Sadly, these tees didn’t work for me at all. They made me even sweatier and they smelled.

    • Marina, you may want to experiment with the brand of antiperspirant you use. Some of them react to your body chemistry in a less-than-pleasant way and make the odor from your sweat even worse. There are certain brands I can’t use because of this.

  2. I Just Found Your Site.Thank YoU. I Have Lived W HH My Entire Life. Have You Tried Or Heard Of The Drug RObinul For HH?

    • Hi Erin,

      Yes, I’ve tried Robinul. It unfortunately did not work for me. You can read about what I’ve tried to treat my hyperhidrosis here:

      • Hi. Thanks For replying. You Mentioned Robinul Forte, Not Just The Regular Robinul. I’m CurrentlyTryIng It And It Has Helped But Already Had To Double One Of The Doses. I , Like You, Have A Very Extreme Case Of Hh And It Affects 6 Different Parts Of My Body So It’s Hard To Treat Just One Area With Expensive Options. I Would Like To Try ACupuncture Bc I Hate Taking Medicine And I Worry About What It’s Doing. I Really Enjoy Reading
        Your Posts Bc Its Like You’ve Written ThemStraight Out Of My Mind. Its A Horrible Horrible Condition And Now
        With Two Kids I Fear They Will Have It. I Don’t Know How
        I Could Possibly Watch Them Suffer Thru It : ( Thank
        You For Bringing It Awareness. So Sorry My Phone Is Screwing This Text up.

        • My doctor prescribed the Forte version of Robinul because it’s a 2mg tablet as compared to a 1mg tablet of the Robinul. I’m not surprised you’ve had to double a dose. Give the acupuncture a go. I understand not wanting to medicate your body, especially if it doesn’t work.

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