Hyperhidrosis at Work

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I’ve been at my new job as a medical writing web specialist for two months now. In addition to it being a new situation that triggers my hyperhidrosis automatically, I am facing a huge learning curve with regard to websites, content management systems, HTML, and the general landscape of web terminology. Writing for the web is very different from writing a blog, essay, print piece, etc. For the past two months I have been on information overload with a plethora of things running through my brain. By the time Friday rolls around, I am worked.


Along with all the new concepts I am learning are the tutorials I’m getting for how to do things on my computer. Depending on whatever program I’m working in, someone will have to show me step by step what to do. You know what this means. I’m at my computer with someone either standing over/behind me to explain, or sitting next to me as I mouse around the screen. This is a necessary step in the process, and I am not complaining. It’s helpful to be walked through everything, even multiple times, until it clicks in my brain and becomes intuitive. However, it’s a huge trigger for my sweating, and I end up soaking my mouse pad. I actually had to remove the wrist rest that was near the mouse because I sweat on it so much it started to gross me out. It would never completely dry, so I just threw it in a desk drawer.


I did bring my 4-inch desk fan to work. I use it mainly in the morning when my hyperhidrosis is at its worst. Is yours always worse in the morning? I wonder if it’s because I’ve only been awake for a couple of hours by the time I get to work. My body temperature might still be going back up from having dropped during my sleep cycle. But my office is always hot in the morning since the door has been closed all night, so who knows. It takes me a good 30 minutes to adjust to my office temperature.


I’ll be honest. These past two months have been a real struggle for me when it comes to my hyperhidrosis. I’m already out of my comfort zone and feel overwhelmed trying to learn my job, but my hyperhidrosis is making it so much worse. Some days are better than others, and I do have dry segments of my day, but they are definitely few and far between. I’m taking copious notes on a daily basis, but half the time they are sweaty notes. I was on a conference call one day and my fingers stuck to the pages of my notebook. I was holding it open with my left hand and writing with my right hand; every time I picked up my fingers they would make a sound.


One day, I had to go offsite for a business meeting. I was carrying a file folder with me, and by the time I got there my fingertips had turned blue! I should have known better than to use a blue file folder. I looked like I had been Smurfed. When I left the meeting, I strategically picked up my notebook first so it covered most of my grip, then the file folder, and then my pen so that my thumb would only touch the pen, not the file folder. I learned my lesson quickly after that. If I’m going offsite, I bring the new messenger bag I told you about. Good thing I was doing some forward thinking. That bag is essential for me when I have to carry things around offsite at work.


sweaty palm

A wet start to my work day

sweaty notepad

My notepad after taking notes


Greenroom Brand Notebook

This notebook is available at Target and is sweat-friendly. I switched to this notebook after the above image happened.


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  1. Hi just read your post today, if you have an email I’d send you a pic of my hand to show you what the lotion does how it dries you out. I have taken wet photos like you before to show the world what happens with HH. Try the antihydral lotion! I promise you will not be disappointed, it will make such a difference at the computer. I have been a hand sweater since the 5th grade, skipped all the events where hand holding is required ie prom etc but this past week ( I have a new management role- I work in the Investment Bank for JPMorgan) I have conducted interviews with hand shakes with much greater ease. You will even be able to type with someone behind you over your shoulder with very minimal sweat, its a great product! Best of luck -steph

  2. My goodness! I just got done reading your entry and I feel like I just read my own life story. Working with hyperhidrosis can be such a pain. My mouse pad is always damp. I leave puddles of water on my keyboard. I’m always afraid someone is going to use it after I get up and see how wet I left it. I bought a small fan and placed it on my desk to help, but when it’s warm in the job nothing brings relief. And yes my palms and feet are always sweatier in the morning. It takes a few hours for my body to adjust to the temperature. They will eventually get go from soaking wet to damp to semi dry. But as soon as I even look at them they begin to sweat again. I’m glad I don’t have to write as much (with a pen and paper) as I used to back in school. All my pages would be crinkled just like the one in your picture. It is the worst when ink from folders, pictures, sharpies, etc rubs off onto my hands.

    Thanks for sharing your misery because I can relate 100%!

  3. Ugh, looking at that crinkled paper definitely takes me back to my school days when my hands would sweat that badly. Since my surgery, my hands don’t sweat as badly, but my left hand still drips. I use a fan at my desk all of the time and I also always brought a dish towel to work with me and just clutch it in my left hand when I needed it. One day an insensitive boss walked into my cubicle and shouted “Why are you hugging a towel??” and I nearly died.

    Hyperhidrosis at work can be just terrible. The bad days are always those days where you just have to be interacting with others, right?? Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. my life hahaha..

    gives me strength when i read this kind of stuff.


  5. I have been suffering from facial hyperhidrosis since I remember. I sweat a lot on my fore head, nose and chin and this directly affects my work. I never appear confident and my superiors never trust my opinions. I am always conscious… and in fact that what prompt me to sweat more. I am trying quite a few things, some work some don’t. Splashing cold water on face regularly has helped me a lot and I am trying such techniques.

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