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While this is not a pretty topic, it needs to be talked about. No one else is talking about it, so I guess it’s up to me to put on my brave writing face and don my fearless quill to help people. This is intimidating, you guys. I know people who read my blog, and some of them might even be coworkers since they know I blog. Yikes. Two of you who read my blog asked in me the same number of days about groin sweating. Here is what I have to say about it.


Groin sweating can at times be the worst area of the body in which one has to endure sweat. It’s uncomfortable, takes longer to cool off from after an episode, and clothing takes longer to dry in that area. Now, sweating down there is normal. Most people probably sweat more when they are exercising and think nothing of it. People with hyperhidrosis, however, have to worry about this in every aspect of their lives. It affects everything: sitting on chairs, sitting on other surfaces and worrying about leaving sweat marks behind, clothing choices, potential odor issues, the type of fabric you choose when buying a car or furniture (I will never have leather furniture in MY house), and the list goes on. Hyperhidrosis in the groin area can also migrate to the backs of the legs and the behind. As if the groin area weren’t enough, right?


Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, you can still sweat in the groin/buttock area. A cousin of mine likes to refer to it as “swass” (sweaty ass, if you’re a little slow on the uptake). :-) This can be made worse by humid and/or hot weather. If you suffer from groin sweating, the following ideas are worth trying if you want to be drier.



– Skirts to generate air flow
– Men’s boxer briefs (not shorts) underneath the skirt; not terribly sexy, but effective  for absorbing sweat and keeping your legs from rubbing skin to skin, which can trigger more sweat
– Darker colored clothing: black, navy, etc.
– Frequently changing your clothing so that you can be dry


– Deodorant spray: There is an entire section of this in the grocery store, so obviously you are not the only one who has a problem. Think of it as a personal invention just for you and go with it. You can usually find it the feminine care aisle, and they have scents that are not girly smelling, so males can use this, too. Some brand names are FDS and Summer’s Eve.
Cool Wrapps hand made by Denise Bartell: These are reusable washable panty liners made from soft cotton muslin, and they get softer each time you wash them. If you order these, please tell Denise I sent you.
– Unscented/sensitive skin antiperspirant: You can apply this to your groin area. Dove Sensitive Skin is a good brand.
– Baby powder: You can apply this over the unscented/sensitive skin antiperspirant for an added layer of protection. If it’s good enough for a baby’s bottom, it’s surely good enough for you.


There are other options to treat hyperhidrosis. You can visit the treatment page on the International Hyperhidrosis Society website for more information. I’m just sticking to things that are easily obtainable and over the counter for this post. You can also visit the IHHS’ Deals and Discounts page for discount codes on sweat-friendly products.


It’s exhausting living with hyperhidrosis, and it can drastically alter the activities and life occurrences in which you feel like participating. But don’t hold yourself back from life because you have groin sweating. Try to make a few modifications to make it easier to live with. You don’t have to accept the sweating, but you can learn to work with it until there is a cure.  Don’t stop seeking treatment options, and know that what works for one person may not work for you, but the point is to investigate and try everything possible to improve your quality of life.


Leaving wet spots behind is no fun, but together we can navigate the world of sweat.


Read my previous post about sweat-friendly products and techniques.

Note: I was not paid, nor did I receive any products mentioned, in exchange for writing about them. I’m just trying to help you out.

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8 thoughts on “Groin Sweating

  1. t says:

    thank you so much for your blog! you are so brave.

  2. Sherrie Brand says:

    I was hoping to find someone not only able (and willing!) to delve into this issue, this bane-of-my-existence issue… but! someone to suggest products I hadn’t heard of before that I can now try. ANYTHING to help, right?!!

    You mentioned baby powder (which I do use down there, or else I use another body powder called Shower to Shower) but I would like to get your opinion on the possible risks from breathing in the talc/dust, which can lead to many longterm health problems (I understand that taking in many/most of these talc substances are comparable to accumulating asbestos in the linings of the lungs). I wish they’d put warnings on all products containing talc. I believe there was actually a Federal commission regarding this in the past, though dropped at some point. But as I said, I still use the stuff, myself… Though with caution and making sure I don’t breathe in too much of the dust during application.

    Geez… It’s funny now that I “hear” myself talk about it. I know there’s potential side effects or even danger from using these products. Yet, IT’S BETTER THAN GOING THROUGH GROIN SWEATS!! (wow) This is how you know it’s a big issue, my dear!

    thanks again for such an insightful blog:)

    • Hi Sherrie! Thank you for being willing to leave a comment on a post that I was absolutely terrified and mortified to write. As far as inhaling the talc fumes, I haven’t really done much research on that. If you’re truly worried about it, here’s what I suggest.

      – Wear a hospital mask when applying the powder
      – Sprinkle it on your undergarments by holding the container very close to them so there’s less air flow and wafting that will occur
      – First apply antiperspirant (I highly recommend one that is hypoallergenic and fragrance free) to the area and then apply the powder so it has something more to stick to
      – Use your hand to cover the lid and then sprinkle the powder into your hand to reduce wafting talc in the air
      – Remember, you are not alone in this. Even those without hyperhidrosis can sweat in the groin area, and all over. So here’s a shout out to the feminine care aisle of the grocery store where hygiene products like FDS and Summer’s Eve sprays are found! :-)
      – You can try Cool Wrapps, too. They are handmade cotton panty liners that help absorb the sweat. Please tell Denise I sent you!

  3. Sherrie Brand says:

    Awesome — I have a feeling Denise will be told (in the near future) that “My Life as a Puddle” sent me, heehee! Oh, and also sending my daughter, as well. Chock up another ‘Yes’ in the hyperhidrosis being genetic pile. :(

    Before I go… I just finished reading a few of your other entries and found them all to be informative and hope-filled. Thanks again for everything… you have and ARE such a gift (that I found right around the holidays, too)!

  4. […] I mentioned this before, but I’d like to see underwear, too. There are so many people with groin sweating who could benefit from this. Ideally, the design I’d like to see would be more than a […]

  5. says:

    You just made my day. I have had three surgical procedures due to this condition. I wear mens boxer briefs because I can’t find the girl ones anymore. I use my husbands clippers to keep my business high and tight because I haven’t been able to shave in over 13 years. And now going into the “change” I am having even more issues. Mine is hereditary. My moms twin sister dealt with this and actually had to have reconstruction with skin grafts. I found out that just taking a deep breath and believing that I am a beautiful woman gets me thru …

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and commenting. I didn’t know they made women’s briefs, or used to anyway. Interesting. I do know that Jockey makes kind of a Spanx version of underwear that covers you from the hips to right above the thigh for a smoothing effect under dresses and pants, but I’m not sure of the material from which they’re made. That could be another issue in and of itself if they are not cotton.

  6. says:

    I think i love you. I have had so many surgeries … and yet i still have the condition.

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