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  1. Hi Maria

    I came across your blog after searching Google on hyperhidrosis. Much like you, I suffer from excessive sweating on my hands and feet which makes social situations when shaking hands very unnerving.

    I read your article on acupunture and I was wondering if you found after a couple of visits that it worked or tried anything else?


  2. Your contact form isn’t working FYI.

  3. Hi ,
    It’s the first time I visit this website , I was desperate I tried medications but it didn’t really work out ,however there still two kinds to try .
    I read about ETS surgery and I felt it’s my only chance to get to do the things I love again and to be more confident , but after reading a lot of reviews I don’t wanna do it .
    Can you give me your personal experience .
    Thank you

  4. Hi! I have suffered from hyperhydrosis since I was little, I am now 15. It’s been a struggle to find a treatment that works for me. I am inspired to read your blog and see the work you are doing to try to get more recognition for HH as a debilitating disorder. I am hopeful in the future more options will become available for me and I can live a more normal life.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for your courage and honesty in sharing your HH life. As a fellow sufferer, I sympathise with all your blog posts… and then some! 90% of the time I try to stay positive and make the most of what I have, but there’s that 10% of the time that it really gets me down. Reading your web page has reminded me that I’m not alone, and that there are so many blessings in life to be grateful for.

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